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Scientific classification

Type species
Spilanthes urens[2][3]
  • Spilanthus L., alternate spelling
  • Ceruchis Gaertn. ex Schreb.
  • Spilanthes sect. Salivaria DC.
  • Ceratocephalus Kuntze

Spilanthes is a genus of African and South American plants in the sunflower tribe within the daisy family.[4][3][5]

  1. Spilanthes anactina F.Muell.
  2. Spilanthes callimorpha A.H.Moore
  3. Spilanthes commutata K.Koch
  4. Spilanthes costata Benth.
  5. Spilanthes intermedia (Rich.) DC.
  6. Spilanthes montana Britton & S.F.Blake
  7. Spilanthes ocymifolia (Lam.) A.H.Moore
  8. Spilanthes ovata Merr.
  9. Spilanthes paraguayensis R.K.Jansen
  10. Spilanthes pauciceps (Griseb.) S.F.Blake
  11. Spilanthes sartorii Sch.Bip. ex Klatt
  12. Spilanthes sessilis Poepp. & Endl.
  13. Spilanthes urens Jacq.
formerly included[1]

Numerous species once included in Spilanthes are now considered better suited in other genera (Acmella Adenostemma Eclipta Heliopsis Isocarpha Jaegeria Melampodium Salmea Verbesina Wollastonia Zinnia). The best known of these is the toothache plant, formerly Spilanthes acmella, now called Acmella oleracea, a Brazilian species widely used as a culinary and medicinal herb.[7]


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