Spirals (album)

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Studio album by Blood Has Been Shed
Released March 11, 2003
Genre Metalcore, mathcore
Length 35:11
Label Ferret
Blood Has Been Shed chronology
Novella of Uriel
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Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars link

Spirals is the third album by metalcore band Blood Has Been Shed. The album is known for its more polished production style than their debut I Dwell on Thoughts of You and their follow up effort Novella of Uriel which have a rawer, more muddied sound.[citation needed] The album was released March 11, 2003, and is their third full-length album. This is also the last record recorded with Blood Has Been Shed before Justin Foley also joined Killswitch Engage, Howard Jones at this point was already a member. The first, and only single, from the album is "She Speaks to Me".


Nearly all the lyrics in this album, like other Blood Has Been Shed albums, deal with relationships.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Age of Apocalypse" - 2:07
  2. "Prion" - 2:23
  3. "Greetings from the Gallows" - 2:34
  4. "She Speaks to Me" - 2:33
  5. "Rainman" - 2:37
  6. "Uatu" - 3:49
  7. "The House of Fists" - 1:11
  8. "Beatnik" - 1:56
  9. "Beginners Luck" - 2:54
  10. "Technicolor Jackets" - 2:28
  11. "Weeping Willow" - 2:30
  12. "Call Waiting (John Doe Has the Upper Hand)" - 2:25
  13. "Six Twelve" - 3:22
  14. "Cortisone" - 2:22