Spirit Adrift

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Spirit Adrift
Spirit Adrift live.jpg
Spirit Adrift performing live in 2019
Background information
OriginPhoenix, Arizona, United States
GenresHeavy metal, doom metal, progressive metal
Years active2015 - present
Labels20 Buck Spin
  • Nate Garrett
  • Marcus Bryant
  • Eric Wagner
  • Chase Mason

Spirit Adrift is an American metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. The project began in 2015 as the solo endeavor of Nate Garrett, and eventually grew into a full touring band.[1]


Spirit Adrift started in 2015, in the immediate wake of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Nate Garrett's newfound sobriety. Debut EP Behind - Beyond and first full-length Chained to Oblivion were recorded in 2015 and released in February and October 2016, respectively.[2] Because of demand for live performances, a full band was formed consisting of Marcus Bryant, Jeff Owens, and Chase Mason.[3] The first Spirit Adrift show took place on May 15, 2017 at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona with Gatecreeper and Pallbearer.[4] Shortly after, a split with Khemmis (band) was released on War Crime Recordings. The split, entitled Fraught With Peril, features updated heavy metal versions of traditional Appalachian songs. Spirit Adrift reinterpret Man of Constant Sorrow on this release.[5]

On October 6, 2017, Spirit Adrift released their second full-length, Curse of Conception on 20 Buck Spin. The band embarked on North American tours in support of its release, including dates at Decibel Metal & Beer Fest, Migration Fest and Psycho Las Vegas.[6] Curse of Conception received widespread critical acclaim, including landing the number two spot on Decibel (magazine)'s Best Of 2017 list.[7][8][9]

On October 23, 2018, "Eyes Were Not Alive" was released as a single via the Decibel (magazine) Flexi Series.[10]

On May 10, 2019, the band released their third full-length, Divided by Darkness, again on 20 Buck Spin.[11] Leading up to the album's release, Revolver (magazine) debuted the official music video for the song "Angel and Abyss." [12] The North American tour in support of Divided by Darkness included dates at Northwest Terror Fest and Modified Ghost Fest.[13] In late 2019, Eric Wagner replaced Jeff Owens on guitar.[14] The band then embarked on a co-headlining tour of Europe with Sanhedrin, and appeared at Aftershock Festival in Sacramento. [15] [16]

Kerrang! ranks Spirit Adrift among the top 10 best American metal bands of the last decade.[17]



  • Nate Garrett - vocals, guitar, bass, drums, piano, synthesizer (2015–present)
  • Marcus Bryant - drums (2017–present)
  • Eric Wagner - guitar (2019–present)
  • Chase Mason - bass (2017–present)


  • Jeff Owens (2017-2019)


Studio albums[edit]

  • Chained to Oblivion (Prosthetic Records, 2016)
  • Curse of Conception (20 Buck Spin, 2017)
  • Divided by Darkness (20 Buck Spin, 2019)



  • "Eyes Were Not Alive" (Decibel Magazine, 2018)


  • Fraught With Peril (War Crime Recordings, 2017)


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