Aqua Teen Hunger Force (season 2)

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force (season 2)
Volume Two DVD cover, which features episodes 1–9 and 11–12 from season two. Episodes 10 and 13–24 were released on the Volume Three set.
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes24
Original networkAdult Swim
Original releaseMay 25 –
December 31, 2003
Season chronology
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List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes

The second season of the animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. Season two started on May 25, 2003 with "Super Birthday Snake" and ended with "The Last One" on December 31, 2003, with a total of twenty four episodes. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is about the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, who live together as roommates and frequently interact with their human next-door neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski in a suburban neighborhood in South New Jersey.

With twenty four episodes, season two is the longest season of the series. Episodes in season two were written and directed by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro. Almost every episode in this season features a special guest appearance, including the season finale "The Last One" which features the return several guests from the first two seasons, who have reprised their roles. This season has been made available on DVD, and other forms of home media, including on demand streaming.


Every episode in this season was written and directed by series creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, who have both written and directed every episode of the series. All episodes originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. This season was one of the original seasons branded under the Aqua Teen Hunger Force title before Willis and Maiellaro started using a different alternative title for each season in 2011.[1] As with most seasons, several episodes originally aired outside of their production order.

With a total of twenty four episodes, Season Two is the longest season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The first ten episodes in Season Two (except for "The Meat Zone") feature the word "Super" in the title. Many episodes from this season include the word "the" in the title, including one episode that is simply titled "The".[2]

Season Two is the last season to feature cold openings with Dr. Weird and Steve. After "The Cloning", Dr. Weird and Steve do not return until the 2007 movie, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. After the movie, the only mention of them is a non-speaking cameo of Dr. Weird in the season seven episode, "One Hundred", and later makes his final appearance in season eight episode "Allen Part One". Steve is accompanied with Dr. Weird in "Allen Part One", and makes a non-speaking cameo in the season intro, but is never seen following "Last Dance for Napkin Lad".


In season two the main cast consisted of Dana Snyder who provided the voice of Master Shake,[3] Carey Means who provided the voice of Frylock,[4] and series co-creator Dave Willis who provided the voice of both Meatwad and Carl Brutananadilewski; and recurring character Ignignokt.[5][6][7] Season two also featured appearances from recurring voice cast members such as C. Martin Croker who voiced both Dr. Weird and Steve in the cold openings, Matt Maiellaro who voiced Err and Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, George Lowe who voiced himself as various characters MC Chris who voiced McPee Pants, Andy Merrill who voiced Oglethorpe and Merle, and Mike Schatz who voiced Emory.

Season two also featured many guest appearances. Jon Glaser voiced Ogg in "Super Computer" and "The Last One" and Jerry in "The Broodwich", Brooks Braselman voiced Travis of the Cosmos in "Super Spore" and "The Last One", Ned Hastings, Seth MacFarlane as Wayne 'The Main Brain' McClane in "Super Triva", Zakk Wylde voiced the co-writer to Master Shake's song in "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary", Tom Scharpling voiced Willie Nelson in "The Shaving", H. Jon Benjamin voiced Jerry's unnamed friend in the Broodwich and reprised his role as Mothmonsterman in "The Last One", Isaac Hayes III was the voice in "The Broodwich" and "The Last One", in "The Cubing" and "The Last One" Jon Schnepp voiced the first Wisdom Cube and Brian Posehn voiced the second Wisdom Cube, Patton Oswalt voiced D.P. and Skeeter in "Frat Aliens" and "The Last One", Barry Mills voiced the turkey in "The Dressing", Ned Hastings and Jay Edwards made voice cameos of themselves in "The", and Scott Hilley voiced George Washington made out of money in "The Cloning". In "The Last One". Several guest stars from season one returned and reprised their roles: David Cross voiced Happy Time Harry, Todd Barry voice Romulux, Todd Field voiced Ol' Drippy, MC Chris voiced MC Pee Pants (who eventually came back in the form of a cow named Sir Loin, and an old man as Little Brittle), and Matt Harrigan voiced Major Shake.


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
191"Super Computer"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroJune 15, 2003 (2003-06-15)201

Frylock develops a spherical supercomputer/game console that he calls the OoGhiJ MIQtxxXA (Klingon for "superior galactic intelligence"), which is accidentally sent back in time. It ends up in the hands of a caveman, Oog, who gains super-intelligence and longevity with the help of the computer, then takes out a patent on it.

Guest appearance: Jon Glaser as Oog
202"Super Birthday Snake"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroMay 25, 2003 (2003-05-25)202
Master Shake brings in a "rabbit" for Meatwad, which actually happens to be a snake. Meatwad tries to bond with it by stapling ears made from pipe cleaners onto its head just like a rabbit, but it angers the snake and eats him. Shake and Frylock try to get him out, but fail twice, with the second solution causing Shake to get eaten as well. Frylock then decides that the only way to free the Aqua Teens is to use his powers to blow the snake up and does so, but ends up killing his friends along with the snake in the explosion.
213"Super Bowl"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroJune 8, 2003 (2003-06-08)203
Meatwad buys a bag of "Enchiladitos" and eats it all before Shake can have a bite. When Shake discovers a pair of free Super Bowl tickets, he is overjoyed, but Frylock mandates that they belong to Meatwad since he bought the bag and hides them. Shake wastes no time trying to get the tickets by any means possible, from attempting to find them to doing favors for Meatwad. Carl eventually learns about Meatwad's prize and also wants to go. This inspires Meatwad to use the tickets as leverage to have Shake and Carl do his bidding.
224"Super Hero"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroJune 1, 2003 (2003-06-01)204
Master Shake wishes to become a super hero, so he partakes in extremely outrageous shenanigans to make himself known. After dousing himself with radioactive waste, he start to dissolve and emit hot green fumes. From there, he decides to become a villain instead, unleashing dangerous and ridiculous schemes, which further damage his body.
235"Super Model"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroJune 22, 2003 (2003-06-22)205
Master Shake travels to Guatemala, and Meatwad enjoys doing what he pleases when he's not around. Shake comes back having gotten cheap plastic surgery for his nose. After Shake taunts Frylock about a girl he's dating online, Meatwad decides to take advantage of Shake's new obsession with plastic surgery by manipulating and goading him about getting more work done on his chin and face just so he can get more alone time away from Shake. Shake takes to his "advice" and starts looking more hideous by taking action on his word.
246"Super Spore"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroJune 29, 2003 (2003-06-29)206

The Aqua Teens discover Travis, a spore that uses his "tongue" to penetrate Master Shake's skull and use his body to communicate. He has come to Earth to find a good job with a 401(k) and health insurance. The group decides to teach him English so he can communicate better. Unfortunately, the spore learns the hard way as Meatwad uses an "instructional tape" from Carl, which is a really a self-help tape for picking up women. He manages to learn English but with tainted grammar, incessant cursing, and being rude, much to Frylock's anger.

Guest appearance: Brooks Braselman as Travis of the Cosmos.
257"Super Sirloin"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroAugust 31, 2003 (2003-08-31)207
Meatwad is addicted to the song "4 Da Shorteez" by Sir Loin and donates every scrap of food in the house given the subliminal messages in the lyrics he hears, much to Shake and Frylock's anger. Frylock tracks Sir Loin down to figure out what the "donation" is and what he would want with the food.
268"Super Squatter"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroSeptember 7, 2003 (2003-09-07)208
Master Shake neglects paying the bills, having flushed them down the toilet due to their expensive, mandatory costs. As a result, the Aqua Teens are immediately deprived of their utilities. Frylock informs him that paying the overdue bills will be the only way to restore their services, but an impatient Shake decided to mooch off Carl instead, much to his anger. Carl tries to kick him out, but ends up shooting his right foot off by accident.
279"Super Trivia"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroSeptember 21, 2003 (2003-09-21)209

The Aqua Teens participate in a trivia game at a local bar as team versus the one and only but smart Wayne 'The Brain' McClane. The team loses again, Meatwad having put down Backstreet Boys on half their answers, Shake putting down even far wrong answers, and Frylock lacking knowledge in sports. Frylock, sick of losing to Wayne, decides to turn it all around for the next game by using the Ludovico technique on Shake and Meatwad to boost their knowledge via a huge DVD Frylock loaded. The experiments works only for Shake, and when Frylock realizes he forgot to put sports on the colossal disc, he recruits Carl.

Guest appearance: Seth MacFarlane as Wayne 'The Main Brain' McClane
2810"Broodwich"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroNovember 2, 2003 (2003-11-02)210

Master Shake discovers an underground cavern where the Broodwich, a cursed sandwich, rests and he becomes obsessed with it. Every bite sends him to a hellish place for a few seconds, and anyone who eats the whole thing is trapped there and sliced at by a short creature with an axe. Shake tries to fight his temptation from eating the whole thing, but a "voice" tests Shake and various circumstances occur, and it will take more than resistance to kick his addiction to it.

Guest appearances: Jon Glaser as Jerry, H. Jon Benjamin as Jerry's unnamed friend, and Isaac Hayes III as the disembodied voice heard throughout the episode.
2911"The Meat Zone"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroSeptember 14, 2003 (2003-09-14)211
While trying to injure Meatwad via a prank about crossing the road, Shake discovers Meatwad's hidden ability to see the future and tries to exploit him. However, not only do Meatwad's visions have a few flaws, his new power works for only a limited time, having run out when Shake tries to show Carl.
3012"Universal Remonster"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroSeptember 28, 2003 (2003-09-28)212

The Plutonians, aboard their spaceship, have successfully traveled "eons" through use of their Stargate-type device called the Fargate (Oglethorpe insists theirs is different, as he does not want to get sued). They state that the purpose of the gate is to steal cable from the Aqua Teens. The only problem is that they have no chance to change the channel, because they have no remote control. However, the Plutonians have created their own, something they call the Universal Remonster - a small remote control creature with fur. They plan to use him to control their programming, but he quickly escapes.

The Universal Remonster begins to control the Aqua Teens' TV, and they have no idea what's happening. Finally, Frylock investigates, and turns off the TV several times, only to have it continually turn back on. Frylock then unplugs it to see what will happen, and the Universal Remonster comes into view and plugs the TV back in. The Universal Remonster becomes Shake's personal plaything. Although the Remonster is meant for TV, Shake uses it as a device to torture Meatwad.

Back at their ship, the Plutonians are going crazy after the Remonster leaves because they are high on marijuana and have become paranoid from watching horror movies. Oglethorpe also starts to trip out, believing a Goa'uld is on the ship, thus making another reference to Stargate. Eventually, Frylock discovers the Fargate under their house and finds that Emory and Oglethorpe are stealing their cable. Frylock tells them that the Remonster's batteries have run out due to Shake's abuse of it. Frylock leaves, but not before blocking the exit to the Fargate with the Aqua Teens' TV. Shake, after protesting, decides to live in the crawlspace with the TV, not knowing that Frylock has bought a brand new plasma screen TV... because, even though TV is evil, they "fucking need it."
3113"Total Re-Carl"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroOctober 5, 2003 (2003-10-05)213
Frylock gets Carl to test his new experiment; an environmentally friendly super toilet that utilizes a jet engine and highly compressed air to dispose of waste. The experiment, however, fails when Carl hits the flush button and his body is sucked into the toilet's jet engine, reducing him to only his head and blood splattered on the inside of the machine. Meatwad says "We have the technology. We can rebuild him." This inspires Frylock to attempt to rebuild Carl in numerous ways, which work poorly.
3214"Revenge of the Trees"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroOctober 12, 2003 (2003-10-12)214
After a fulfilling Labor Day barbecue, courtesy of Master Shake flash frying a cow corpse with an industrial size deep fryer, Frylock demands Shake to dispose of the oil, where he and Carl do so by dumping the oil in the forest, which angers the "Trees." Carl is captured on the spot and Shake is arrested two days later. Carl is tortured while Shake is put on trial for his environmental crime, and Frylock must assist Shake in helping him win the trial to escape.
3315"Frat Aliens"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroNovember 30, 2003 (2003-11-30)215

Carl has installed an ultra high-tech security system to keep the Aqua Teens out of his pool. Because of the brightness, his security grid happens to be seen from space, attracting the attention of two space aliens DP and Skeeter, members of a space college fraternity. After a drunken crash course in space, they head for the bright red lights and crash-land in the neighborhood with a frat pledge in tow, drunkenly causing trouble and DP unsuccessfully soliciting sex from Frylock and Meatwad, causing Shake to question his sexuality. When DP passes out and Skeeter accidentally leaves him behind in the ship, Frylock must find a way to get him back to where he came from.

Guest appearance: Patton Oswalt as both D.P. and Skeeter (credited as Shecky Chucklestein).
3416"Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroOctober 19, 2003 (2003-10-19)216

It's Meatwad's birthday, and Master Shake can't stand "Happy Birthday To You". He commissioned a new heavy-metal song co-written by him, Zakk Wylde, and Geddy Lee titled "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary," which is intended to replace the original birthday song. Frylock is shocked discover that the entire endeavor cost $1.4 million, Shake having bought expensive things on Zakk's charge and expects the song to be a hit so he can cash in royalties to pay off the project. Unfortunately, not only do Frylock and Meatwad hate the song, nobody else likes nor wants to buy it, putting Shake in deep financial trouble. After a failed attempt to sell the house, and a furious Zakk Wylde showing up and injuring him, Shake has Zakk play the song at a pizza place along with two scorpion animatronics in a bid to pay off everything, which only makes matters worse.

Guest appearances: Zakk Wylde as the song's co-writer.
3517"Kidney Car"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroNovember 16, 2003 (2003-11-16)217
Master Shake destroys Carl's car in a demolition derby. Carl, having lost hopes, donates it to the Kidney Foundation, and Meatwad gets the car as a freebie given his membership. Shake and Meatwad goof for a while, and try to fix the car. However, things go nowhere given the great damage imposed to the car, their lack of knowledge, and expenses to have it fixed.
3618"The Cubing"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroNovember 23, 2003 (2003-11-23)218

The Wisdom Cube, a cube from outer space, comes to the Aqua Teens' yard. It claims to have all of the wisdom in the universe, but it does little to reinforce its claim. Shake quickly warms up to him, but soon gets annoyed by his antics. Frylock asks him to solve a paradox, but all the Wisdom Cube says is "Yuh-huh". When they try to go out to the pool, Meatwad rolls back to listen to the cube's outrageous stories. Shake and Frylock discuss if Meatwad is smart enough to get out of the conversations, and in the middle of their conversation, Shake exclaims "For the love of all that's holy, there's another one! " After a small conversation, the second cube apologizes and claims he's the "real" Wisdom Cube and the original cube is his cousin: The Dumbassahedratron. Frylock asks the real cube the paradox, but the cube leaves him with a flaming bag that contains "the answer". After some convincing by Shake and the two cubes, he puts the bag out,only to have his fry covered in dog crap. The real cube tries to convince him if he wants "the final final answer" he should put it in his mouth. The cubes fly up, only to be killed by a passing helicopter.

Guest appearances: Jon Schnepp as the first Wisdom cube and Brian Posehn as the second wisdom cube (credited as "Jason Todd")
3719"The Shaving"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroOctober 26, 2003 (2003-10-26)219

It's Halloween night in South Jersey, and the Aqua Teens are gearing up for the holiday by dressing up...except Master Shake, of course. Frylock is a sailor on the Ship of the Damned, and Meatwad is the Incredible Plum (a take off on the Incredible Hulk, with Meatwad being painted purple). Shake, being the person he is, can't resist making fun of their costumes.

While Frylock is finishing getting ready, Shake and Meatwad are met by a creature that's a cross between an onion and a spider, who tries to scare people through use of a triple-head electric razor. The only thing it gets is ridicule from Shake and Frylock.

Finally, the onion/spider reveals who he is: his name is Willie Nelson, and he lives in the attic. He's also looking for his mail, which he hasn't gotten for a while. Frylock admits to throwing said mail away, which angers Willie and causes him to throw the Aqua Teens' TV out a window.

After making fun of Willie's methods (Shake calls the laid back spider "The Gayest Monster since Gay Came to Gaytown" and says he should star in a musical called "The Texas Chainsaw Mascara"), Shake decides to remake the laid back onion/spider into a killing machine, in the image of a serial killer.

During the course of this, Shake has Willie assume the persona of Blood Feast Island Man, and try to scare Carl next door. After Willie fails for the first time, Shake succeeds in scaring Carl by throwing Meatwad at him.

Shake's next try to make Willie scary is to have him go next door and threaten Carl with chainsaws, with him saying, "Nice head. I think I'll take it." This fails again, as Willie runs out of luck when his chainsaws become unplugged thanks to the extension cords powering them falling off. When this happens, Carl comes out angrily and asks "What!?" to which he can only reply "What are you doing here?" which Carl answers by saying "I live here, asshole!". Carl then goes back to the Aqua Teens' house and throws Meatwad at Shake, who is flipping out because Willie didn't scare Carl.

Shake and Willie decide to go with one final prank to scare Carl. Shake hooks up a huge electrical generator to Carl's door using jumper cables, while Willie is waiting with a cement mixer full of blood to dump on Carl once the electricity shocks him unconscious. However, the plan doesn't go as well as hoped, as Carl scares Shake with Meatwad's Incredible Plum mask, causing Shake to fall into the generator and get the blood poured on him.

After going back up to the attic, Frylock informs Willie that he has some of his mail. After Willie urges him to bring it up, we find out the horrible truth about him- he is an actual killer who stores his bodies in the Aqua Teens' attic. Frylock and Shake are instantly horrified, and a late entering Carl gets his arms ripped off by Willie, who drinks his blood and calls it juice. The Aqua Teens run off and seal the attic, presumably locking Willie in there forever (with a screaming Carl).

Guest appearance: Tom Scharpling as Willie Nelson
3820"The Clowning"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDecember 7, 2003 (2003-12-07)220

Carl shows up at the Aqua Teen's door to reveal that his house is infested with termites. He mutters that he won't sign for any more packages with "Congo" written in blood. Meatwad hurries over to receive a termite of his own. Throughout all this, Carl seems to be level-headed, a trait that he does not usually portray. He reveals that he has gotten a wig, and it cost a substantial amount.

Carl is later reading a magazine on how to pick up girls, when Shake suddenly appears in his room. Carl tries to remove the wig and place it upon a mannequin head, but finds it stuck to his head. Carl is distracted by Shake, who is rummaging through his belongings. When Carl leaves, his mannequin head grows fangs and devilish eyes.

Carl wakes up to Shake standing in his room. Carl's hair has now changed color from brown to black, and has become much curlier. Shake is quick to anger Carl, and is then thrown out the window. As Carl leaves the room, his mannequin head speaks to a floating head with a clown wig on. They argue, and then part ways as Carl reenters the room.

Later that day, Carl brings home a whore. The Aqua Teens follow him, and through the holes in Carl's wall, watches as Carl plays an air guitar solo, only to be interrupted by the Aqua Teens. As he steps outside to speak with them, his hair gains more mass and becomes red. After they argue, he proceeds to have sex with the now passed-out whore.

At the Aqua Teen's house, an examination of Carl's hair reveals that he is infected with Clown DNA. The whore runs out screaming, and Carl follows with white skin dotted with purple blotches, a clown nose, huge feet, and a clown car. He goes to the Aqua Teen's house for help. Frylock attempts to cut Carl's hair off, but it only grows back and lands on Meatwad. Meatwad shortly develops the symptoms that Carl had, and Carl walks out with a balloon resembling a shotgun, asking God to kill him. Frylock freezes him until he can find a cure.

At the end of this episode (67 years later), an apocalyptic future is depicted, and Carl, being used as a coat rack (and still in a frozen state), is knocked over and presumably killed. The now over-the-hill Aqua Teens struggle to remember Carl's name, and the episode ends with Frylock yelling at Shake and Meatwad exclaiming that he has shattered his hip.

After this, we see Dr. Weird proclaim "And that's how the wig works." Steve has been clowned. Dr. Weird has a brief moment of silence looking at the mannequin head and shouts "Stop telling me to do things." and the credits roll.
3921"The Dressing"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDecember 14, 2003 (2003-12-14)221

Meatwad rolls over to Carl's with a message, which he is unable to remember due to his limited intelligence, so he roots around in his meat looking for the note he wrote as a reminder, pulling out his dolls Squirelly and a decapitated Jiggle Billy in the process. Eventually he finds the right note, which is a Thanksgiving invitation.

Since they aren't legally US citizens yet, the Aqua Teens have Thanksgiving a week past the actual holiday and invite Carl over to share in the festivities (though Carl decides to have dinner outside for the purpose of having witnesses). However, the dinner is interrupted when a mechanical turkey bursts into the home and grabs Carl by the throat (before tossing him out the window when Frylock asks the turkey to put him down). The turkey says his name is Turkitron and claims to be sent from the year 9595 to save the great-great-great-great grandfather of the turkey "Goblox," who is supposed to save the turkeys from the chicken overlords. Unfortunately, as Frylock points out, the turkey is already dead and about to be served as food.

Turkitron then tells a series of long tales about subjects ranging from the chicken overlords to the banning of taco pie to the claim that Carl is, in fact, a chicken mercenary sent from 9595 to stop the mission. All the while, Turkitron downs taco pie and wine, then attempts to find a time rift through which he will travel with the dinner turkey to a time before his killing. The turkey's mannerisms lead the ATHF to believe that this turkey is somehow related to the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future (which Turkitron admits he took the form of in his first appearance). They also find it odd that he carries all his belongings in a plastic bag, including socks, which Turkitron claims are laser-guided weapons.

When Turkitron passes out drunk from the wine (and after destroying the ATHF's television), Frylock ties up the turkey and explores his head with a blowtorch. After Frylock adjusts some crossed wires, Turkitron starts doing the Hustle. Master Shake enters with a newspaper (to show a pantyhose ad), but Frylock discovers an article that states that Turkitron is actually a defective toy called the "Hustlin' Tom Turkey" and that 5,000 were made. At that moment, a large number of turkey robots (perhaps the other 4,999 turkeys) show up at the ATHF's door. Shake directs them to Carl's house, who opens the door while munching on a turkey leg. When asked what it is, Carl begins to say, "This is your great-great-great...", and the turkeys take aim with their laser-guided socks. Just before the turkeys fire on Carl, he says, "You mother-"

Guest appearances: Seth Green as himself, and Barry Mills as Hustlin' Tom Turkey.
4022"The"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDecember 21, 2003 (2003-12-21)222

Master Shake nearly destroys the house by leaving garbage everywhere and planting land mines all over. He especially trashes Frylock's room, closing up the doorway with bricks and installed a camera system for it to show on the inside the collateral damage he's done to a horrified Frylock. Completely fed up with everything, Frylock abandons his friendship with Shake and moves to a condominium. Without Frylock's stabilizing influence and actions, the house falls into total chaos with Shake burning styrofoam, stockpiling chicken carcasses, abusing and dominating Meatwad. They both, along with Carl, get conjunctivitis in which their eyelids getting so puffy, they can barely see.

Guest appearances: Ned Hastings as himself, and a voice cameo from Jay Edwards as himself.
4123"The Cloning"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDecember 31, 2003 (2003-12-31)223

Master Shake destroys another TV, which happens to be their last one. Shake and Meatwad then discover that Frylock had been cloning the TVs with his cloner. and tired of doing so he plans to stop. He explains that if something is cloned too many times, the molecular structure begins to break down and unusual events will occur. After Meatwad makes a play for sympathy from Frylock, saying that he can't face the day without his TV, he decides to clone another TV. But true to Frylock's warning, odd things began to happen regarding the TV, and chaos ensues when Shake takes advantage of money with the cloner.

Guest appearances: Scott Hilley as George Washington
4224"The Last One"Dave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDave Willis & Matt MaiellaroDecember 31, 2003 (2003-12-31)224

The Mooninites have gathered a bunch of their villain friends for one final push towards eliminating the Aqua Teens. However, they do not succeed, and much of their group is eliminated from the meeting. Only the Rabbot, the Mooninites, Mothmonsterman, Happy Time Harry, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, and Major Shake get to South Jersey. They plan to shove "The Screw of Damnation" into the Hunger Force's heads. When the Mooninites were asked how they would get it in there, the Mooninites planned (They planned on having the others do it) on giving the Hunger Force a Post-It note saying "Stay Still." Early on the episode, they decide to make a cool group name. The brownies suggest "Click-Click-Click-Click..." and they finally settle on the Rabbot's idea, "Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday..." Meanwhile, the Plutonians, who were not invited because they were "teh s uck", have formed their own group consisting of them and a headless Jiggle Billy.

Guest appearances: Todd Field as Ol' Drippy, H. Jon Benjamin as Mothmonsterman, Jon Glaser as Oog, Isaac Hayes III as Broodwich, Scott Hilley as Flargon, Matt Harrigan as Major Shake, Jon Schnepp as Cube, David Cross as Happy Time Harry (credited as Sir Willups Brightslymoore), Patton Oswalt as D. P. and Skeeter (credited as Shecky Chucklestein), Brooks Braselman as Travis, and Todd Barry as Romulox.

Home release[edit]

Volume Three DVD cover art, which features episodes 10 and 13-24 from season two. Episodes 1-9 and 11-12 were earlier released on the Volume Two set.

The first eleven episodes from season two were released on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume Two DVD on July 20, 2004, along with two final episodes from season one. The remaining episodes were released on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume Three DVD on November 16, 2004. Both sets were distributed by Adult Swim and Warner Home Video and feature various special features including the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode "Baffler Meal", which introduced early rough-cut versions of the main characters on the Volume Two set, and commentaries and deleted scenes on select episodes on both sets.[8][9] Both sets were later released in Region 4 by Madman Entertainment on November 7, 2007 and August 6, 2008 respectively.[10][11] In Region 2 the Volume Two set was released on December 7, 2009 and the Volume Three set was released on January 25, 2010[12][13] The Volume Two set was also released as part of the Adult Swim in a Box set on October 27, 2009.[14]

Season two is also available on iTunes and the Xbox Live Marketplace.[15][16] The second half of the seasons' release on iTunes and Xbox Live is labeled as season three.[17][18] This season was also released on Amazon Video, in two parts under the labels "Volume Two" and "Volume Three".[19][20]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume Two
Set details [21] Special features
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  • 2-disc set
  • 1.33:1 aspect ratio
  • Languages:
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  • English subtitles
  • Spanish subtitles
  • French subtitles
  • Audio commentary:
    • "Super Trivia"
    • "Meat Zone"
    • "Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future"
  • Deleted Scenes:
    • "Super Model"
    • "Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future"
    • "Baffler Meal"
    • "Super Birthday Snake'
  • "Baffler Meal" (Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode)
  • "Baffler Meal" music video
  • "Baffler Meal" audio commentary
  • Future Wolf II: Never Cry Wolf: Origin of the series
  • Future Wolf III
  • Photo gallery
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume Three
Set details [22] Special features
  • 13 episodes
  • 2-disc set
  • 1.33:1 aspect ratio
  • Languages:
  • English
  • English subtitles
  • Spanish subtitles
  • French subtitles
  • Audio commentary:
    • "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary"
    • "The Shaving"
    • "The Clowning"
    • "The Last One"
  • Deleted scenes:
    • Broodwich
    • Dr. Weird's Ice Cream Social
    • Alternative ending for "The Clowning"
  • Photo gallery
  • Promotional spots
  • Documentary on the making of "The Cloning"
  • Character answering machine messages
  • Music videos and karaoke for "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary"
Release date
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
November 16, 2004 January 25, 2010 August 6, 2008

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