Splenic vein

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Splenic vein
The portal vein and its tributaries. (Spleen is at far right, and "lienal vein" is visible traveling from it to the left.)
3D rendered CT of abdominal aortic branches and kidneys.svg
3D-rendered computed tomography, showing splenic vein at upper right.
Drains from trabecular vein of spleen
Source short gastric veins, left gastroepiploic vein, pancreatic veins, inferior mesenteric vein
Drains to hepatic portal vein
Artery splenic artery
Latin vena lienalis
MeSH D013162
TA A12.3.12.028
FMA 14331
Anatomical terminology

The splenic vein (formerly the lienal vein) is a blood vessel that drains blood from the spleen, the stomach fundus and part of the pancreas. It is part of the hepatic portal system.


The splenic vein is formed when several smaller collectors leaving the spleen join shortly thereafter. It follows a course superior to the pancreas, alongside the splenic artery. It collects branches from the stomach and pancreas, and most notably from the large intestine (also drained by the superior mesenteric vein) via the inferior mesenteric vein, which drains in the splenic vein shortly before the origin of the hepatic portal vein. The portal vein is formed when the splenic vein joins the superior mesenteric vein.

Clinical significance[edit]

The splenic vein is subject to vein thrombosis, presenting some of the characteristics of portal vein thrombosis and portal hypertension, but localized to part of the territory drained by the splenic vein. These include varices in the stomach wall due to hypertension in the short gastric veins and abdominal pain. The most common cause for splenic vein thrombosis is both chronic and acute pancreatitis.[1][2]

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