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For 2015 film, see Splitting Adam (film).
Splitting Adam
Splitting Adam - The Bourbon 2009.jpg
Left to Right: Thompson, Jordo, Seren
Background information
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Adult contemporary, Alternative
Years active 1996 (1996)–2010
Website splittingadam.com
Members Seren – lead vocals (1996-2010)
Thompson – guitar / keys / vocals (2005-2010)
Antonio – guitar (1996-2010)
Rob – bass (1996-2010)
Jordo – drums (2005-2010)
Past members Gaspar – drums (1996-2004)

Splitting Adam is a Canadian contemporary rock[1] band from Vancouver consisting of five band members: Seren (lead vocals), Thompson (guitar / keyboards / vocals), Antonio (guitar), Rob (bass) and Jordo (drums).

In 2000, Splitting Adam licensed two songs to NBC[2] for use in the television series Just Deal.

After solidifying their line-up in 2005, the band licensed their single ("On My Own" on YouTube) to Electronic Arts' Need For Speed: Undercover (NFSU).[3] In 2008, before the official release of the game, the band performed with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra as part of Video Games Live (VGL), featuring never-before-seen footage from NFSU. In 2009, they toured with VGL,[4] making appearances alongside various major symphonies including the Calgary Philharmonic, Winnipeg Symphony,[5] Los Angeles Philharmonic, and San Diego Symphony Orchestras.

See Canadian Videogame Awards "performance" on YouTube, Vancouver BC (May 5, 2010).

Following their VGL tour, the band formed a brief partnership with Rethink Communications in creating their new album cover. Under the direction of former Art Director Jeff Harrison,[6] the album was nominated for a Grammy award in the category "Best Recording Package" on YouTube. Splitting Adam remains one of the few independent bands to have earned a Grammy nomination.

The band made their last appearance as an ensemble in April 2010, outside Rogers Arena.

The name Splitting Adam arises from the topic of human creation - the theory of evolution ("splitting" the atom) combined with a literal biblical interpretation ("Adam" and Eve).

Richard's on Richards (February 27th, 2009)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Best Recording Package "Splitting Adam" - Jeff Harrison, Art Director View Animation[7]

  • Lotus Award (Gold Medal)

Design: Best Packaging "Splitting Adam CD Packaging" - Rethink Communications

Best Original Vocal: Pop "On My Own" – Need For Speed: Undercover


  • 1998 Clouded Lens
  • 2000 Vertical Drop (EP)
  • 2003 Distractions
  • 2008 3 Steps Forward (EP) (Produced by Jeff Dawson)
  • 2009 Splitting Adam (Produced by Joe Cruz and Jeff Dawson)[10][11]

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