Spun Out

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Spun Out
Genre sitcom
Created by
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Andrew Barnsley
  • Jeff Biederman
  • Brent Piaskoski
  • Brian K. Roberts
Production company(s) Project 10 Productions
Original network CTV
Original release March 7, 2014 (2014-03-07) – October 3, 2015 (2015-10-03)

Spun Out is a Canadian television sitcom. It ran two seasons, premiering March 6, 2014 on CTV[1] and airing its last original episode on October 3, 2015.


The series stars Dave Foley as Dave Lyons, the head of DLPR, a public relations firm staffed with people "who can spin everybody's problems but their own".[2] The cast also includes Paul Campbell, Rebecca Dalton, Al Mukadam, Holly Deveaux, J. P. Manoux and Darcy Michael.[2]


First season[edit]

The series had 13 episodes in its first season.

Episode 7, titled "Middle Aged Men in the Hall", featured guest appearances by all of Foley's The Kids in the Hall castmates — Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald — as his former high school bandmates in a Goth rock band, who visited to demand that Dave honour a suicide pact that they had made in their youth.[3]

Spun Out was renewed for a second season with the same number of episodes.[4]

Second season[edit]

The second season finished filming on December 5, 2014. A sneak preview of the program's season premiere was slated to air on February 1, 2015 after CTV's broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX, with the full season run slated to air beginning in March 2015.[5]

However, on January 26, as a direct response to J. P. Manoux's arrest on voyeurism charges, CTV put the program on hiatus "indefinitely" and pulled the show from all streaming platforms.[6] Manoux appeared in all 13 episodes, making it impossible for the network to simply air a shortened run of the series by excluding his episodes. The post-Super Bowl slot was reassigned to the season premiere of MasterChef Canada.[5]

The network later clarified that the series was not cancelled, but would eventually air. According to network executive Phil King, "I think it’s wildly unfair that you have a whole cast of people who put their livelihood into this and we’re not going to see this because someone did something inappropriate."[7] CTV later announced the second season of Spun Out would begin airing July 14, 2015.[8] The premiere featured a guest appearance by comedian Russell Peters.[8]

While there was never an official announcement of the show's cancellation, in August 2015 Foley took another full-time acting job on the American sitcom Dr. Ken, signalling the de facto demise of Spun Out. By that time the voyeurism charges against Manoux had been dropped,[9] although he still faced charges of mischief to property. Manoux was eventually found guilty of this lesser charge in early 2017.[10]

Spun Out was never renewed, has not aired in syndication since its 2015 swansong, and has not been issued on DVD or BluRay.



  • Dave Foley as Dave Lyons, the head of DLPR
  • Paul Campbell as Beckett Ryan, a newly hired copywriter
  • Rebecca Dalton as Stephanie Lyons, Dave's daughter and DLPR employee
  • Holly Deveaux as Abby Hayes, Beckett's ex-girlfriend and roommate
  • Al Mukadam as Nelson Abrams, Beckett's friend and DLPR employee
  • J. P. Manoux as Bryce, Dave's executive assistant
  • Darcy Michael as Gordon Woolmer, a DLPR employee with an odd personality

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