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Reign 930 - 975
Predecessor Traillokyachandra
Successor Kalyanachandra
Issue Kalyanachandra
House Chandra
Dynasty Chandra
Father Traillokyachandra
Religion Buddhism[1]

Srichandra (reigned c. 930–975)[1] was the second and most influential ruler of the Candra dynasty in the kingdom of Harikela in eastern Bengal.

Much of what is known of him comes from the copper plates from Mainamati as well as the plate discovered in the village of Paschimbhag in Moulvibazar detailing his successful campaign against the Kingdom of Kamarupa. He is also credited with expanding his father's empire to encompass the kingdoms of Vanga and Samatata. Under his command, the Harikelan armies also successfully fought the Pala Empire and possibly the Kambojas of northern Bengal. His contemporary Pala ruler was Gopala II. Srichandra also moved the administrative center of the empire from Devaparvata to his newly built capital, Vikrampur.[1]


According to the copper plates, although Srichandra was a devout Buddhist and a patron of his faith, he was tolerant of other religious beliefs among his subjects, as evidenced by his attempts to settle displaced Brahmins within his empire.


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Preceded by
Candra King
930 - 975 CE
Succeeded by