St. Dominic's College, Wanganui

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St. Dominic's College
12B York Street, Gonville, Wanganui
Type Private, Co-ed secondary (Year 9-13)
Motto "Confortare et esto Vir"
Established 1994; 23 years ago
Ministry of Education Institution no. 454
Principal Fr. Andrew Cranshaw
School roll 48[1] (February 2017)

St. Dominic's College is a private, Traditionalist Catholic Society of Saint Pius X secondary school, founded in 1994. The College is divided into two campuses (St. Augustine's Boys' College and St. Dominic's Girls) both situated in Gonville, Parish of St. Anthony's & St. Edmund's Catholic Church, Wanganui, New Zealand.[2]

Students at St Dominic's College are examined under the CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) system. The main subjects are: Mathematics, English, History, Combined Science, Physics, Biology, French, Latin, Classics. Other subjects such as music, home economics, physical education, computer studies, etc. are offered to broaden the school’s educational scope.

Catholic Religion classes are greatly emphasised—and include Catholic Doctrine and Morality, Catholic Church History, Catholic Apologetics and Scripture.[3]


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