Stadionul Viorel Mateianu

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Stadionul Viorel Mateianu
Stadionul Viorel Mateianu.jpg
Location Baia Mare, România
Coordinates 47°39′54″N 23°34′45″E / 47.66500°N 23.57917°E / 47.66500; 23.57917
Owner Baia Mare Municipality
Operator FCM Baia Mare
Capacity 7,000, restricted from 15,500
Opened 1923
Renovated 2008
FCM Baia Mare (1950–2016)
FCMU Baia Mare (2010–2013)

Coordinates: 47°39′52″N 23°34′45″E / 47.66450°N 23.57930°E / 47.66450; 23.57930 Stadionul Viorel Mateianu is a multi-purpose stadium in Baia Mare. It is the home ground of FCM Baia Mare. It holds 15,500 people.

It was built in the early 1950s. The stands used to be overcrowded during FCM Baia Mare's golden era when between 20,000 and 25,000 people used to come and see the local team playing.

Big names of European football, such as Real Madrid and Steaua Bucharest, played on this stadium in the past.

The stadium is ranked 22nd in order of capacity in Romania.

Previously the stadium was named 23 August and Dealul Florilor.[1]

The stadium is named after Viorel Mateianu, the famous coach that trained FC Baia Mare between 1977-1981.