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Starman may refer to:



  • Starman (comics), one of several comic book superheroes in the DC Comics universe. The most prominent are:
    • Starman (Ted Knight), the first Starman, a 1940s superhero who wore a costume of red tights with a fin on his helmet, and wielded a "gravity rod" (later "cosmic rod") as a member of the Justice Society of America
    • Starman (Jack Knight), the seventh Starman, a 1990s superhero and the younger son of the original
    • Thom Kallor, also known as Star Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes, is the current Starman and a member of the Justice Society of America


  • Starman (film), a 1984 science fantasy film starring Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen
  • Super Giant, a 1950s Japanese movie superhero, called Starman in America
  • AS Starman, an Estonian internet service provider and telecommunications company
  • Starman (TV series), 1986 television series (based on the 1984 movie of the same name), starring Robert Hays and Christopher Daniel Barnes


  • Starman, an emblem featuring a naked man facing the Red Star of the Solar Federation, associated with the band Rush and their album 2112
  • Starman (band), a British pop band
  • "Starman", onstage alter ego of Kiss frontman Paul Stanley




  • AS Starman, an Estonian cable television, VOIP telephony, and ISP company