Starr sting pain scale

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Starr sting pain scale
Purposecompare the overall pain of hymenopteran stings

The Starr sting pain scale was created by the entomologist Christopher Starr as a scale to compare the overall pain of hymenopteran stings on a four-point scale, an expansion of the "pain index" originally created by Justin Schmidt.[1][2] 1 is the lowest pain rating; 4 is the highest.


Rating Insects
1.0 Southern fire ant (Solenopsis xyloni)
2.0 Honeybee, Africanized bee, Bumblebee, Yellowjacket ("Common wasp")
3.0 Velvet ant, Paper wasp
4.0 Tarantula hawk (Pepsis grossa), Bullet ant (Paraponera clavata), Synoeca septentrionalis

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