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Stash Tea Company
(subsidiary of Yamamotoyama Tea Company)
Industry Retail / Wholesale Tea & Herbal teas
Founded 1972 in Portland, Oregon
Headquarters Tigard, Oregon, USA
45°24′01″N 122°44′59″W / 45.4004°N 122.7497°W / 45.4004; -122.7497Coordinates: 45°24′01″N 122°44′59″W / 45.4004°N 122.7497°W / 45.4004; -122.7497
Products Loose-Leaf Tea
Bagged Tea
Teaware & Tea-Related Products

Stash Tea Company is a privately held specialty tea & herbal tea company headquartered in Tigard, Oregon, a suburb of Portland.


Stash Tea Company headquarters in Tigard, Oregon
Former logo

Stash Tea was founded in 1972 by Steve Lee, Dave Leger, and [1]Steven Smith (who also co-founded Steven Smith Teamaker and founded Tazo).[2] The company originally operated out of an old Portland Victorian-style house, supplying loose herbal teas and bulk herbs to natural food stores. Stash Tea broadened its focus to include bagged teas, and then began selling a full line of traditional, specialty blend herbal teas directly to fine restaurants and through a mail order catalog to consumers.[3]

According to the company, Stash Tea derives its name from tea folklore: tea was once a valuable commodity, traditionally transported by clipper ships. A ship’s captain was typically presented with the finest teas for his personal use, which was regarded as his stash.[3]

In 1993, Stash was acquired by Yamamotoyama Tea Company.


The company offers a line of specialty teas and tea products.


In 2005, Stash Tea opened a retail store in the Bridgeport Village shopping complex in Tigard, Oregon.

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