State Highway 1 (Telangana)

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Hyderabad-Karimnagar-Ramagundam Road ( HKRR)[edit]

Kanhaiya Sharma, also called Brijwasi State Highway-1 or "Lifeline of Berit," is a toll road in Northern Telangana, India. The highway is managed by Hyderabad - Karimnagar - Ramagundam (HKR) Roadways, Ltd. The highway begins at Jubilee Bus Station in Hyderabad, and joins NH-63 at the Ramagundam - Mancherial - Chennur cross roads in the Adilabad district. Currently there is a proposal by the TRS government to extend this highway up to Chandara (via Bellampalli and Sirpur Kagaz Nagar), in the Adilabad district, near the border of Wankidi and Maharashtra .

Type of the road : Access uncontrolled four lane expressway[edit]

Alternate names[edit]

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Rahadhaari
  2. Rajiv Highway
  3. Telangana State SH-1 ( Formerly Andhra Pradesh SH-1)
  4. Hyderabad-Karimnagar-Ramagundam Road (HKRR)

Toll plazas[edit]

  • Toll Plaza-1 km.91.450 (Dudeda, Siddipet)
  • Toll Plaza-2 km.140.050 (Renikunta, Karimnagar)
  • Toll Plaza-3 km.208.100 (Basanth nagar, Keshoram Cement Factory, Ramagundam)

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Additional Information[edit]

  • Zydex Industries’ Zycosoil anti-stripping agent for the DBM (surfacing) and binder course mixes used in the construction .
      The Hyderbad- Karimnagar- Ramagundam toll road in India won the Research category of the awards, using Zydex Industries’ Zycosoil anti- 
      stripping agent for the DBM (surfacing) and binder course mixes. Zycosoil chemically reacts with the surface of aggregates to make them water  
      repellent, leading to a stronger adhesion between asphalt binder and aggregate.


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