State of Flow

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State Of Flow
State of Flow.jpg
Studio album by No Fun at All
Released April 25, 2000 (Sweden)
Recorded May 1997 at Underground in Västerås Västerås, Sweden
Genre Punk
Length European 47:25
Japanese 51:36
Label Burning Heart Records

Produced & Mixed by: PO Saether and No Fun At All.

Mastered at: Cutting Room, Solna by Peter In de Betou.

State Of Flow is the Swedish punk group No Fun at All's fourth album, released on 25 April, 2000.

Music by Mikael Danielsson, Krister Johansson, Kjell Ramstedt and Stefan Neuman. Lyrics by Ingemar Jansson.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Celestial Q&A"
  2. "Waste Of Time"
  3. "Second Best"
  4. "Stumble And Fall"
  5. "Not In The Mood"
  6. "My Extraordinary Mind"
  7. "FM Vanity"
  8. "Joe Delord"
  9. "Perfect Sense"
  10. "Lessons Never Learned"
  11. "The Slanderous Clientele"
  12. "ESDS"
  13. "Time Machine" (Bonus track on Japanese version, Sadistic Mika Band cover)