The Big Knockover

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The Big Knockover
No Fun At All - Big Knockover.jpg
Studio album by No Fun at All
Released European July 13, 1997 (Sweden)
US February 17th 1998
Recorded May 1997 at Underground in Västerås Västerås, Sweden
Genre Punk
Length 31:17
Label European Burning Heart Records
US Theologian Records
Producer Produced by Pelle Saether & NFAA. Co-produced by Lars Lindén MIXED BY: Pelle Saether & NFAA July 28–30, 1997 Masterd at the Cutting Room, Solna by Peter In De Betou.

The Big Knockover is the Swedish punk group No Fun at All's third album, released on July 13, 1997.

All music by Mikael Danielsson except track 1, which was co-written by Jimmie Olsson. All lyrics by Ingemar Jansson. Published by Misty Music.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Catch Me Running Round"
  2. "Suicide Machine"
  3. "Should Have Known"
  4. "Lose Another Friend"
  5. "When the Time Comes"
  6. "Sorry Lad"
  7. "Everything Inside"
  8. "The Other Side"
  9. "Away from the Circle"
  10. "Nobody’s Perfect"
  11. "Your Feeble Mind"
  12. "Ultramar"
  13. "Break My Back"

The title, "The Big Knockover," is taken from a short story by Dashiell Hammett. This short story was also a source of inspiration for the film "The Usual Suspects."