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Steak-umm is a Reading, Pennsylvania headquartered company known for its thin-sliced frozen steaks. Steak-umms are sold in supermarkets throughout the United States and are used for making homemade Philadelphia-style cheesesteaks.[1]

The company claims to be "the best-known sandwich steak brand in America" and to have "helped turn the regional 'Philly Cheese Steak' Sandwich into standard fare on America's dinner tables over four decades ago".[2]

The company also produces ready-to-cook hamburger patties that are available in "Original" and "Sweet Onion" varieties.

Steak-Umm had been previously owned by Gagliardi Bros., Ore-Ida, H.J. Heinz and Pomfret, Connecticut-based TriFoods International.[3] In 2006, Quaker Maid Meats acquired the rights to the Steak-Umm brand name and associated intellectual property. [4] The purchase of the Steak-Umm brand is cited in a formative Business judgment rule judgement of a Delaware Chancery Court [5]

Steak-umm brought suit against a Philadelphia grocery store and sandwich shop called "Steak'em Up" claiming trademark infringement. In 2012, Federal District Judge Lawrence F. Stengel ruled in favor of the owners of Steak'em up, ruling that the two establishments aren't direct competitors and there is no significant evidence that consumers are confused by the names.[6]

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