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Stephen Kasner in his California studio, circa 2005

Stephen Kasner (born April 1970) is a painter, illustrator, musician, photographer, graphic artist, and magician.

His paintings have been exhibited all over the world and have influenced a new wave of artists.[1] His paintings, drawings and photographs reflect visions of a pre/post-apocalyptic industrial landscape and the struggle for survival contained in dreams of enlightenment.

Kasner works in paint, photography, and drawings, as well as experimental music under the name Blood Fountains.[2][3]

He has done album artwork for Khlyst,[4] Sunn O))),[5] Integrity,[6] Lotus Eaters, Skullflower, Justin Broadrick, and Martin Grech,[7] among many others.

Kasner released the book Stephen Kasner WORKS: 1993 – 2006 (Scapegoat Publishing, 2007),[8] a lavish career retrospective with text by various artistic luminaries and collaborations with Seldon Hunt, David D'Andrea, Dwid Hellion, Steven Leyba, and Steven Cerio.[9]

Presently, Stephen lives in Cleveland, Ohio.


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