Sterling Plaza

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Sterling Plaza
Sterling Plaza Beverly Hills 2015.jpg
The Sterling Plaza in 2015
General information
Architectural styleArt Deco architecture
Address9429-9441 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California, 90210
Coordinates34°04′02″N 118°23′56″W / 34.06729°N 118.39875°W / 34.06729; -118.39875Coordinates: 34°04′02″N 118°23′56″W / 34.06729°N 118.39875°W / 34.06729; -118.39875
ClientCalifornia National Bank of Beverly Hills
OwnerDonald Sterling
Design and construction
ArchitectJohn and Donald Parkinson

Sterling Plaza (also known as the California Bank Building) is a historic building in Beverly Hills, California.


The building is located at 9429-9441 on Wilshire Boulevard, in the City of Beverly Hills, California.[1][2][3]


Construction was completed in 1929.[1] It was designed by the architectural team John and Donald Parkinson in the Art Deco style.[1] With seven stories, it is 32 metre high.[2]

It was built for the California National Bank of Beverly Hills.[3] As a result, it was first known as the California Bank Building.[1] The building was completed just before the Wall Street crash.[3] It was later acquired by Louis B. Mayer, the head of MGM.[4]

In the 1990s, the building was acquired by Donald Sterling.[4][5] As a result, it was renamed the Sterling Plaza.[5]


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