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Steve Chen (Chinese: 陳世卿; pinyin: Chén Shìqīng) (born 1944 in Taiwan) is a computer engineer and internet entrepreneur. Chen is the founder and CEO of Galactic Computing, a developer of supercomputing blade systems, based in Shenzhen, China. According to numerous Chinese media reports, Chen has been involved in a conflict when he failed to make salary payments to the employees of his company in Beijing, China, during 2012, which went bankrupt. The employees later sued Chen in court, trying to get their salary. Chen declined any media reporters' requests and the court by flying to United States.[1]

Chen holds a M.S. from Villanova University and a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.[2] He is best known as the principal designer of the Cray X-MP and Cray Y-MP multiprocessor supercomputers. Chen left Cray Research in 1987. With IBM's financial support, Chen founded Supercomputer Systems Incorporated in January 1988. SSI was devoted to development of the SS-1 supercomputer, which was nearly completed before the money ran out. The Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based company went bankrupt in 1993, leaving more than 300 employees jobless. An attempt to salvage the work was made by forming a new company, SuperComputer International (SCI), later that year. SCI was renamed Chen Systems in 1995. It was acquired by Sequent Computer Systems the following year. John Markoff, a technology journalist, wrote in the New York Times that Chen was "considered one of the nation's most brilliant supercomputer designers while working in this country for the technology pioneer Seymour Cray in the 1980s."

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