The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq

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The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq
FormationJune 2015
FounderSteve Maman[1]
FocusAnti-sex slavery,
Combatting human trafficking
LeaderSteve Maman

The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq or CYCI foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization that aims to free Christian and Yazidi women captured and forced into sex slavery by ISIS.[2][3]


In 2014, Steve Maman connected with negotiators in Baghdad, Iraq to build a network to rescue Yazidi and Christian women and girls sold into sexual servitude by ISIS.[1][4][5] Maman founded the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq in June 2015.[6] Maman often visited Morocco and Iraq to purchase vintage cars to bring them back for his classic car dealership based in Montreal.[7] During this time, he made contacts that would go on to help build his network of brokers within the ISIS-controlled areas.[7]

In June 2015, Maman founded the CYCI foundation with a team of negotiators in Iraq who would rescue the girls by paying brokers.[1][8] The foundation started raising funds for their operations through volunteer donations and a GoFundMe account.[7][1] Maman currently serves as the president of the foundation.

In August 2015, Gill Rosenberg, the first female foreigner to join YPJ forces fighting ISIS joined the organization as a volunteer.[9]


The CYCI foundations is primarily involved in negotiating with brokers in ISIS controlled territories for the release of captured Yazidi women and girls.[1] The organization releases funds to their members based in Iraq who pay brokers for releasing the women.[10] The organization first takes the rescued women and girls internally displaced persons camp in Kurdistan and later makes efforts to re-unite them with their families.[11] CYCI raises funds through donations made on the official website and through crowdfunding portals including GoFundMe.[7][12] According to Maman, each rescue costs between $1000 and $3000.[11][13]


Members of the Yazidis community which includes Babasheikh Kherto Ismael, the Yazidi spiritual leader,[14] and those involved in outreach and humanitarian support dispute Maman's work and call for a greater transparency and oversight in the work with minority populations fleeing Iraq.[15]

Steve Maman[edit]

Steve Maman
Born (1973-03-01) March 1, 1973 (age 50)
Casablanca, Morocco
Occupation(s)Businessman, entrepreneur,
founder of the liberation of christian and yazidi children of iraq (cyci)

Steve Maman, (born March 1, 1973), is a Canadian businessman, entrepreneur, social worker, and the founder of the CYCI foundation.[6][11] Maman was born in Morocco on March 1, 1973, and was raised in Montreal, Canada where he became a vintage car dealer.[7][1] Maman is married and is a father of six.[11]

Maman has often mentioned Oskar Schindler as an inspiration for the organization in his interviews[4] and is often referred to as Jewish Schindler by news portals.[8][16][10]


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