Stick 'Em Up

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For the crime this phrase is based on, see stick up.
"Stick 'Em Up"
Single by Quarashi
from the album Jinx
Released Winter 2002
Format CD single
Genre Nu metal, rapcore, rap rock
Length 3:24
Label Columbia/Time Bomb Recordings
Producer(s) Sölvi Blöndal/Brendan O'Brien
Quarashi singles chronology
"Surreal Rhyme"
"Stick 'Em Up"
"Mr. Jinx"

"Stick 'Em Up" was Quarashi's first single from their American debut album, Jinx. "Stick 'Em Up" was released in February 2002 to much fanfare. The music video, which was a parody of the film Snatch, was in heavy rotation on MTV2. According to Quarashi member Sölvi Blondal, "Stick 'Em Up" sounds like something Limp Bizkit would do.

It reached #27 on the US Modern Rock List.

The song is featured in the Rainbow Studios video game ATV Offroad Fury 2 for the PlayStation 2.

The song is the theme song for Midway Sports' NFL Blitz.

The song is featured in the trailer of 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Mechanic and the film Death Race 2.

The song appears on the Orange County soundtrack. In the film, it plays in the background during the scene in which Jack Black's character gives his brother the Tylenol.

This song appears on the Grind soundtrack.