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A stinger is an organ or body part found in various animals, typically arthropods, that usually delivers some kind of venom

Stinger may also refer to:

Military and transport[edit]



  • Pacer Stinger, a 1976 show car by American Motors
  • Stinger (law enforcement), a bait car system developed by BSM Wireless
  • Police slang for a spike strip, a device used in pursuits to deflate vehicle tires
  • Kia Stinger, a sport sedan.


  • USS Stinger (SP-1252), a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1919
  • Stinger, an extension over board the stern of an offshore pipe lay barge used to provide additional support at the over bend of an S-lay during offshore construction





  • Stinger (cocktail), a drink composed of brandy and white creme de menthe
  • Stinger (sculpture), an outdoor work by Tony Smith in Seattle, Washington, US
  • Stinger (medicine), a minor neurological injury suffered by athletes
  • Stinger, the conductor with higher voltage to neutral than the other two conductors in a high-leg delta three-phase electric power system

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