Stoney Creek Bridge

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Stoney Creek Bridge
Eastbound over SCB.jpg
A Canadian Pacific Railway freight train eastbound over the Stoney Creek Bridge.
Coordinates51°22′48″N 117°27′58″W / 51.380°N 117.466°W / 51.380; -117.466
CarriesCanadian Pacific Railway
CrossesStoney Creek
LocaleRogers Pass
Designtruss arch bridge
Total length200 m (656 ft)
Height90 m (295 ft)
Longest span102.5 m (336 ft)
DesignerHamilton Bridge Company (1893), Canadian Bridge Company (1929)
Replaces1885 bridge

Stoney Creek Bridge is a 200-metre-long (656 ft) truss arch bridge in British Columbia, Canada. It carries the Canadian Pacific Railway single track of 90 m (295 ft) over the Stoney Creek, between Revelstoke and Golden. A wooden bridge was originally built on the site in 1885, and the current steel structure was built in 1893. A second set of arches was added in 1929 to handle heavier traffic. The original bridge was the tallest wooden bridge in the world at that time.

Stoney Creek Bridge
Stoney Creek Bridge (03).jpg
Coordinates 51°22′48″N 117°27′58″W / 51.38°N 117.466°W / 51.38; -117.466Coordinates: 51°22′48″N 117°27′58″W / 51.38°N 117.466°W / 51.38; -117.466
CrossesStoney Creek
Total length138.1 metres (453 ft)
Height69.5 metres (228 ft)
Longest span52.4 metres (172 ft)
No. of spans4
Piers in water0
DesignerC.C. Schneider
Construction end1885
Replaced by1893 bridge