Stoney Creek Bridge

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Stoney Creek Bridge
Eastbound over SCB.jpg
A Canadian Pacific Railway freight train eastbound over the Stoney Creek Bridge.
Coordinates 51°22′48″N 117°27′58″W / 51.380°N 117.466°W / 51.380; -117.466Coordinates: 51°22′48″N 117°27′58″W / 51.380°N 117.466°W / 51.380; -117.466
Carries Canadian Pacific Railway
Crosses Stoney Creek
Locale Revelstoke
Design truss arch bridge
Total length 200 m (656 ft)
Height 90 m (295 ft)
Longest span 102.5 m (336 ft)
Designer Hamilton Bridge Company (1893), Canadian Bridge Company (1929)
Opened 1893
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Stoney Creek Bridge is a 656-foot (200 m) long truss arch bridge in British Columbia, Canada. It carries the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks 295 feet (90 m) over the Stoney Creek, between Revelstoke and Golden. A wooden bridge was originally built on the site in 1885, and the current steel structure was built in 1893. A second set of arches was added in 1929 to handle heavier traffic. The original bridge was the tallest bridge in the world at that time.


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