Stoneypath Tower

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Stoneypath Tower

Stoneypath Tower, is an L-plan tower house dating from the late sixteenth, about 3.5 miles (5.6 km) south of East Linton, and east of the Whittinghame Water in East Lothian, Scotland.[1]


Stoneypath Tower was at first a property of the Lyles, but past thereafter in succession to the Hamiltons of Innerwick, the Douglases of Whittinghame, and the Setons. It some stage in may have been blown up.[1]

The building is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.[2] It has now been restored.[2]


Defended by three steep sides, the tower stands on a promontory. It may include part of a keep built in the previous century. The original entrance, approached by an external stair, has been sealed. A turnpike stair reached all floors. On the second floor was the hall. The thickness of the wall enclosed a prison.[1]

The keep was built of rubble, with some freestone dressings. There were originally three stories. The wing contained two chambers.[3]

Nunraw Abbey is about 0.5 miles (0.80 km) to the south.[1]

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Coordinates: 55°56′00″N 2°38′55″W / 55.933409°N 2.64854°W / 55.933409; -2.64854