Story of a Kiss

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Historia de un beso
Historia de un Beso.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by José Luis Garci
Written by José Luis Garci
Horacio Valcárcel
Starring Alfredo Landa
Ana Fernandez
Carlos Hipolito
Agustin Gonzalez
Music by Pablo Cervantes
Cinematography Raúl Pérez Cubero
Edited by José Luis Garci
Miguel González Sinde
Release date
25 October 2002
Running time
105 Minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Historia de un beso (English: Story of a Kiss) is a 2002 Spanish drama film directed by José Luis Garci and written by Garci and Horacio Valcárcel. The film received seven Goya Award nominations, but didn't win one.


The plot follows two different stories that take place decades apart from each other. Julio (Carlos Hipolito) attends the funeral of the uncle who raised him. After reminiscing with his uncle's friends, Julio remembers his childhood. At that time, his Uncle Blas (Alfredo Landa) fell in love with a much younger women who made him realize how dispassionate his life had become. The adult Julio also attempts to romance a fellow teacher.


  • Alfredo Landa as Blas Otamendi
  • Ana Fernández as Andrea
  • Agustín González as Don Telmo
  • Carlos Hipólito as Julio
  • Beatriz Rico as Marisa
  • Manuel Lozano as Julipín
  • Tina Sainz as Melchora
  • Francisco Algora as Don Lino

Awards and nominations[edit]


Goya Awards

  • Best Actress (Ana Fernández)
  • Best Cinematography (Raúl Pérez Cubero)
  • Best Costume Design (Gumersindo Andrés)
  • Best Makeup and Hairstyles (Paca Almenara, Alicia López and Antonio Panizza)
  • Best Production Design (Gil Parrondo)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Carlos Hipólito)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Tina Sáinz)

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