Strange Cargo Hinterland

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Strange Cargo Hinterland.jpg
Studio album by Strange Cargo
Released 1995
Genre Electronic, ambient
Length 60:39
Label N-Gram Records
Producer William Orbit
Strange Cargo chronology
Strange Cargo III
(1993)Strange Cargo III1993
The Best of Strange Cargos
(1996)The Best of Strange Cargos1996

Hinterland is an album by electronic instrumentalist William Orbit, under the alias Strange Cargo.[1][2][3] It is the fourth in a series of similarly themed albums: Strange Cargo, Strange Cargo II, and Strange Cargo III.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Million Town"
  2. "She Cries Your Name"
  3. "Montok Point" (with Joe Frank)
  4. "Hulaville"
  5. "Kiss of the Bee"
  6. "El Ninjo"
  7. "Crimes of the Future"
  8. "The Name of the Wave"
  9. "Say Anything"
  10. "Lost in Blue"
  11. "Hinterland"
  12. "The Last Dream of Lucy Mariner"

Use in other media[edit]

"The Name of the Wave" was used in the soundtrack of the 2015 documentary Amy about the late singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. It is the only track in the film neither by Winehouse herself nor by film composer Antônio Pinto, who scored the film.


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