Strathaven North railway station

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Strathaven North
Strathaven North Railway station. 1906..jpg
Area South Lanarkshire
Coordinates 55°40′54″N 4°03′13″W / 55.6817°N 4.0535°W / 55.6817; -4.0535Coordinates: 55°40′54″N 4°03′13″W / 55.6817°N 4.0535°W / 55.6817; -4.0535
Original company Hamilton and Strathaven Railway
Pre-grouping Caledonian Railway
Post-grouping LMS
Platforms 1
1904 Opened as Strathaven
30 September 1945 Closed for passengers
21 September 1953 line closed completely
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Strathaven North railway station was a railway station in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.


The line itself was primarily built by iron and coal masters such as William Dixon of the Govan Ironworks to serve the coalmines in the Hamilton, High Blantyre, Meikle Earnock and Quarter areas as well as the ironworks at Quarter. Strathaven North station was opened on the extension of the line from Flemington to Strathaven Central as part of the Mid Lanark Lines scheme to improve rail services in the area. [1]

The first station at Strathaven was the terminus of the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway at Flemington, taken over by the Caledonian Railway; and replaced as a passenger station by Strathaven North railway station in 1904. Strathaven North opened in October 1904, closed temporarily during World War I; and closed permanently on 30 September 1945. The journey along the length of the line took around forty minutes and there were about six return journeys each day.[2]

In 1923 Strathaven North became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway at the Grouping, passing on to the Scottish Region of British Railways following the 1948 nationalisation of the railways. It was completely closed in 1953 by British Railways when goods services ceased .[2]

Flemington, the Strathaven old station, became a goods station and closed in 1964;[3] no sign now remains of its existence. Strathaven North was in a narrow railway cutting that has now been infilled and built on.

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Line closed; station closed
  Caledonian Railway
Hamilton and Strathaven Railway
  Strathaven Central
Line closed; station closed


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