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For the toy, see Stretch Armstrong.
Stretch Arm Strong
Origin Irmo, South Carolina, U.S.
Genres Melodic hardcore
Hardcore punk
Pop punk
Years active 1992–2010 (Indefinite Hiatus)
Labels Uprising (1998)
Solid State (1999-2004)
We Put Out (2004-Present)
Associated acts Glasseater
Website Stretch Arm Strong on Facebook
Members Chris McLane
David Sease
John Barry
Chris Andrews
Glen Calder
Past members Matt McCarty
Donnie Raines
Shawn Williams
Scott Dempsey
Jeremy Jeffers
Sean McGukin
JC Lopez

Stretch Arm Strong (Also known as Stretch Armstrong) is a hardcore punk band from Irmo, South Carolina, South Carolina, and the flagship band for We Put Out Records. They have been active since 1992. Several of the band members are outspoken Christians, but they prefer not to be classified as a Christian band in some cases.[1][2] They do prefer to be known as Christian with influences, but not as a band that "preaches".[citation needed] Vocalist Chris McLane appears on Zao's The Lesser Lights of Heaven DVD.


After their freshman release on Uprising Records, Compassion Fills the Void, they released three albums for Solid State Records in 1999, 2001, and 2003 respectively. In addition, they have done several U.S. tours and several European tours.

Stretch Arm Strong are signed to We Put Out Records, a label on East West (a branch of the Warner Music Group), having fulfilled their deal with Solid State. Their most recent LP, Free at Last, was recorded in April and May 2005 with James Paul Wisner (producer of albums by Further Seems Forever and Underoath) and released in fall of the same year.

They have mostly been inactive since 2005. They are playing 2 shows in January 2010 and it seems they will stay mainly inactive after that. According to their Myspace they stated "While we appreciate all of the kind comments and excitement, we dont plan on doing anymore shows or tours. I never want to make anything too final, but as far as we are concerned this will be it for a long time. We want to make it special and fun. Please come join us."

Lyrical Themes and Beliefs[edit]

Stretch Arm Strong has actively addressed several pressing social concerns, such as the following:

  • Their first album for Solid State, Rituals of Life, was dedicated to a friend of the band, Matthew Leveton, who was injured in a car accident and left quadriplegic. The band has since done several benefit shows for raising money for Leveton's recovery.
  • On their album A Revolution Transmission, they had a song called "Take Back. Control" which provided a candid, but clean, discussion of sexual violence. The song was intended for rape victims in particular, and they included a telephone number for a rape hotline in the liner notes for the CD.
  • Band members Chris McLane and David Sease are longtime vegetarians, have shown support for PETA, and the band went on a "Hardcore Against Fur" tour starting in December 2004 with H2O and With Honor.

Throughout their career, Stretch Arm Strong has made their music—and themselves—as youth-friendly as possible. Most of their lyrics have been much more positively oriented than the typical hardcore band's lyrics. In their song "For the Record" on A Revolution Transmission, they tell their story of how they grew up in the early South Carolina hardcore scene and went to all-ages shows; they have also refused to play shows at venues (or even in cities) which would not allow anyone under 18 to attend their concerts. In addition, some of the band members served as schoolteachers when not playing with the band.


  • Chris McLane - vocals (1995-2010)
  • David Sease - guitar/vocals (original member) (1992-2010)
  • John Barry - drums (original member) (1992-2010)
  • Glen Calder - guitar
  • Chris Andrews - bass

Former members[edit]

  • Matt McCarty - bass/vocals - (founder/original member) (1992-1995)
  • James Miller - vocals (original member)(1992-1992)
  • Donnie Raines - bass
  • Shawn Williams - bass
  • Scott Dempsey - guitar (original member) (1992-2004)
  • Jeremy Jeffers - bass, guitar
  • Sean McGuckin - bass
  • Juan Carlos "JC" Lopez - guitar (previously of Glasseater)



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