Strohgäu Railway

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Route number: 790.61
Line number: 9486
Line length: 21.9
Track gauge: 1435
Maximum incline: 2.4  %
Minimum radius: 200
Maximum speed: 60
Black Forest Railway from Stuttgart
Freight line from Kornwestheim Rbf
0.0 Korntal 306 m
Black Forest Railway to Weil der Stadt
1.3 Korntal Gymnasium
4.0 Münchingen Rührberg(since 2001)
5.2 Münchingen 300 m
7.9 Schwieberdingen 261 m
11.4 Hemmingen 319 m
16.3 Heimerdingen 386 m
21.9 Weissach 351 m

The Strohgäu Railway (German: Strohgäubahn) is a branch line in the Stuttgart region of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It is single-track and standard gauge, and is 21.9 kilometres (13.6 mi) long. It links Weissach and Hemmingen with Korntal, where a connection is made with line S6 of the Stuttgart S-Bahn, which provides a direct service to Stuttgart.[1]

The Strohgäubahn is owned and operated by the Württembergische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (WEG), a member of the Veolia Transport group. The line dates back to 1906, when it was originally opened by WEG.[1][2]

Passenger services on the Strohgäubahn use a fleet of 10 single unit railcars. Of these, 2 are Stadler Regio-Shuttle RS1 units with a partial low floor, whilst the remaining 8 units are high floor NE 81 (de) vehicles.[3]

The typical service pattern consists of two trains an hour between Hemmingen and Komtal, although the frequency may reduce to one train an hour on Saturdays or in the evenings, with no service on a Sunday. Only very infrequent trains run beyond Hemmingen to Weissach, but in peak periods trains are extended from Komtal over the S-Bahn route to Stuttgart-Feuerbach.[4]



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