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Strophius is also a spider genus (Thomisidae).

In Greek mythology, Strophius /ˈstrfiəs/, son of Crisus, was a King of Phocis, husband of the sister of Agamemnon (whose name was either Anaxibia, Astyocheia or Cydragora) and, by her, father of Pylades and Astydameia.[1][2][3] When Orestes was hiding from his murderous mother, Clytemnestra, Strophius hid him.[4][5][6] During this time, Orestes and Pylades became great friends.

Strophius was also the name of one of Pylades' sons with Electra, Orestes' sister. Pylades and Electra's other son was Medon.[7]

Yet another Strophius was the father of the Trojan Scamandrius, who was killed by Menelaus.[8]


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