Structural encroachment

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A structural encroachment is a concept in real property law, in which a piece of real property projects from one property over or under the property line of another landowner's premises. The actual structure that encroaches might be a tree, bush, bay window, stairway, steps, stoop, garage, leaning fence, part of a building, or other fixture. Some attorneys classify it as a type of easement, related to an easement in gross, while some scholars classify such as one type of encroachment.[1]


When a structural encroachment is created intentionally, it is basically an easement in gross, and may be done by a permit to a government authority.[2][3] A zoning law may also restrict an intentional structural encroachment.[4][5][6][7]

A structural encroachment may also be created by necessity, by accident, or by prescription.[citation needed]

Other uses[edit]

  • In some ecological contexts, the process of a peatmoss overgrowing, or bogging down a vascular plant is described as a structural encroachment.

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