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Stubbs the Cat
Mayor Stubbs reclining on a car
The Feline Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska
Honorary Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska
Assumed office
July 18, 1997
Personal details
Born (1997-04-12) April 12, 1997 (age 19)
Talkeetna, Alaska, USA

Stubbs (born April 12, 1997)[1] is a cat who has been the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, since July 1997.[2]

As of 2016, Stubbs is still mayor, and has been described as a tourist attraction,[3] having been flooded with cards and letters, and drawing 30 to 40 tourists each day (most of whom are en route to other Alaska destinations, such as Denali)[4] who hope to meet "the mayor." Stubbs's position is honorary, as the town is only a "historical district."[5]

Every afternoon, Stubbs goes to a nearby restaurant and drinks water out of a wineglass laden with catnip.[6][7]

At least one opinion writer for the Alaska Dispatch News insists that the whole story is false, and that Talkeetna, Alaska, does not, in fact, have a cat mayor.[8]

Early life and election[edit]

In 1997, Lauri Stec, manager of Nagley's General Store, found Stubbs in a box full of kittens in her parking lot. The owners were giving the kittens away; Stec chose "Stubbs" because he did not have a tail.[6] A popular rumor states Stubbs was elected following a successful write-in campaign by voters who opposed the human candidates.[9] However, according to NPR, the cat could not have been elected as a write-in candidate because "the tiny town has no real mayor, so there was no election."[10] Nagley's General Store now doubles as Stubbs' Mayoral Office.[6]


On August 31, 2013, Stubbs was attacked by a dog. He was placed under heavy sedation at a veterinary hospital 70 miles away in Wasilla, having suffered a punctured lung, a fractured sternum, and a deep wound in his side.[11] A crowdsourcing page was set up to help pay for Stubbs' medical bills.[12] Stubbs ended up staying in the veterinary hospital for nine days before returning to the upstairs room of the general store;[13] he is now prevented from roaming so far as is practical. Donations toward his care were received from around the world; the surplus was given to an animal shelter and to the local veterinary clinic.[7]

Other perils from which the feline mayor has escaped include being shot by teenagers with BB guns, and falling into a restaurant's deep fryer (which was switched off and cool at the time). Recent exploits also include hitching a ride to the outskirts of Talkeetna on a garbage truck.[13]

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