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Allen Su Xing
Allen Su.jpg
Background information
Chinese name 苏醒
Origin Xi'an
Born (1984-03-05) March 5, 1984 (age 33)
Xi'an, China
Other name(s) Allen Su
Occupation Singer, songwriter, actor,
Genre(s) C-pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap
Label(s) Record Label(s):
Sony Music
Manage Label(s):
Years active 2007–present

Su Xing (simplified Chinese: 苏醒; traditional Chinese: 蘇醒; pinyin: Sū Xǐng; Allen Su; born March 5, 1984) is a Chinese singer, songwriter and actor. He took the 2nd place in the 2007 Super Boy 快乐男声contest,[1] which was a national singing contest for young male contestants held by Hunan Satellite Television. Although he was only 23 years old while participating in the contest, Allen appeared much more sophisticated than many other young men of his age. After winning second place in the contest, he released his first EP, including six brand new songs, of which two of them were written by Allen himself.

Born in Xi'an, the capital city of northwestern China's Shaanxi province, Allen Su had always been an excellent student since childhood. When he was 17 years old, his parents sent him to Sydney to pursue his study. Allen managed to study business at Macquarie University with an excellent IELTS Score of 8.5, but soon he realized that he was not interested in business and what he really goes in for is music, so he transferred to SAE College Sydney to study in digital media. Allen came back to China to take part in the 2007 Super Boy contest with the simple thought of meeting people who could introduce him to record companies to help start his career, after the contest he went back to Sydney to finish his study, and achieved the Bachelor of Digital Media in 2008.


Early life[edit]

Allen Su was born in a well-off family, his talent in arts was inherited from his mother, Miao Ni Ya, who worked in Shaanxi Normal University after her graduation. Although Ms Miao was not a specialist in arts, dancing and singing were among her many accomplishments. According to Ms Miao, Allen had learned piano for several months in his childhood and his tuitor appreciated his talent, but he ended his courses for little Allen was too restless to sit by the piano for hours, at that time he enjoyed playing football instead of the piano.

Allen appeared independent, quick-mind and persistent since very young. Being active in various sports and arts, he was also an excellent student and managed to go to one of the best senior high schools in ShaanXi Province: Xi'an Middle School, his scores always ranked top of his grade. Of course Allen Su is not a typical bookish person as you might think of, among his wide range of interests, painting, ballgames and singing are the most significant brilliance, he used to dream of becoming a painter or a football player.

At the age of 17, Allen decided to study abroad, he went to Sydney all by his own to pursue his future. As most young boys, he didn't figure out what he really wished to do at first, so he followed his family's will to study business. Soon he found out business couldn't be his career, so he decisively transferred from Macquarie University to SAE College Sydney.

Life is tough, especially for a young boy living abroad alone, but he is the last one in the world to say "give up". Just as his name Allen--which was named after his idol Allen Iverson—suggests, it implies a great spirit of tenacity. Although his family could afford the tuition, he decided to work his way through college, he even took several part jobs at a time in order to lighten the burden of his family.

During the seven years in Australia, Allen had a small 4-person band with his close friends, and engaged in a couple of local singing contests.


2006: TVB8 New Talent Singing Awards[edit]

In 2006, Allen took part in the New Talent Singing Awards regional contest in Sydney, Australia for the 2nd time, he won the championship and got the chance to contest in International Finals in Hong Kong. He got the sixth place in the final.

Song Original Singer
在雨中 feat.Hocc He 何韵诗 Jiang Yu Heng 姜育恒
谁是MVP Will Pan 潘玮柏
比我对你更好的人 Fengie Wang 汪佩蓉

2007: Super Boy Contest[edit]

Allen's pursuit of his singing dream never stops. In 2007, he participated in the Super Boy contest organized by Hunan Satellite Television, his fans nationwide voted him the 2nd place in the final.

Date Event Song Original Singer Votes
07.04.18 西安赛区海选
07.05.02 西安赛区50进10 Muzak Boyz II Men -
07.05.13 西安赛区10进1 Fill me in
Truly Madly Deeply
Craig David
Savage Garden
Leehom Wang 王力宏
07.05.25 13进11 Oh Oh Guy Sebastian -
07.06.01 11进9 妹妹
All the Way
Khalil Fong 方大同
Craig David
07.06.09 9进7 爱是怀疑 Eason Chan 陈奕迅 -
07.06.15 7进6 Fighter
Christina Aguilera
Cai Qin 蔡琴
07.06.22 6进5 南泥湾
David Tao 陶喆
David Tao 陶喆
07.06.29 5进4 屋顶
Miss Independent
Jay Chou 周杰伦
Leehom Wang 王力宏
Kelly Clarkson
07.07.06 4进3 我要你的爱
So Sick
Walking Away
Craig David
07.07.13 3进2 Livin'La Vida Loca
Ricky Martin
Allen Su 苏醒
07.07.20 2进1 Supreme
Rock You
A Song for Mama
Robbie Williams
张信哲 & 羽泉
Boyz II Men
Allen Su 苏醒



Albums and EP (extended play)[edit]

Album Type Album Information Track listing
1st EP Autumn
  • Released: 18 December 2007
  • Label: Sony Music
1st Studio LONG.ING
  • Released: 11 May 2010
  • Label: Sony Music
2nd Studio Present Tense
  • Released: 10 June 2011
  • Label: Sony Music
3rd Studio New way of style
  • Released: 22 October 2012
  • Label: Sony Music


  • 秋天首唱会(DVD) LIVE全记录 (2007.12.29)
  • 13 (2007)
Song Track Time Lyricist Composer Producer Arrangement
还不是因为爱 03'28" Li Tai Bo 李太伯 Qu Peng Tao 曲澎涛 Wang Lu 王璐 Qu Peng Tao 曲澎涛
我最闪亮 Guo Jin Min 郭敬明 Wu Men Qi 吴梦奇
  • 红星闪闪 (2009)
Song Track Time Lyricist Composer Producer Arrangement Rap
南泥湾 03'16" He Jin Zhi 贺敬之 Ma Ke 马可 Zhang Ya Dong 张亚东 Zhang Ya Dong 张亚东 Allen Su 苏醒


Song Track Time Lyricist Composer Producer Arrangement Description
谢谢你陪我一起过 (2008) 04'12" Allen Su 苏醒 Allen Su 苏醒 Allen Su 苏醒 Allen Su 苏醒 Birthday Song
还不是因为爱Remix (2008) 03'52" Li Tai Bo 李太伯 Qu Peng Tao 曲澎涛 Zhang Zhang 张张 Zhang Zhang 张张 Dance Party special remix
We Are Together 我们在一起 (2008) Allen Su 苏醒 Allen Su 苏醒 Zhang Zhang 张张 Zhang Zhang 张张 汶川地震公益歌曲
好兄弟 (2008) Khalil Fong 方大同 feat. Khalil Fong 方大同
I Wanna Run (2008) Allen Su 苏醒 Zhang Zhang 张张 奥运歌曲
北京欢迎你 (2008) Lin Xi 林夕 Xiao Ke 小柯
My Style 我的Style (2008) 03'39" Wen Yi Ren 翁乙仁 Chen Lei 陈磊 Chen Lei 陈磊 康师傅辣旋风2008广告歌曲
Love Rain 爱情雨 (2008) 04'14" Man Jiang 满江 Man Jiang 满江 feat. Dai Rao 戴娆
It's the Magic (2009) 03'05" Allen Su 苏醒 Allen Su 苏醒 Chen Lei 陈磊 湖南卫视金牌魔术师主题曲
China China (2009) Allen Su 苏醒 Allen Su 苏醒 Lin Cong Yin 林从胤 建国六十周年献礼片



Stage Play: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Director Liang Bo Long 梁伯龙
Main Actors/Actress Yin Xiao Tian 印小天
Jiang Xiao Han 蒋小涵
Liu Ye 刘烨
Allen Su 苏醒
Allen's role Francis Flute
Premiere Date 2007.11.02

Awards and nominations[edit]

Date Awards
2003 New Talent Singing Awards Sydney Contest, 3rd place 全球华人新秀歌唱大赛悉尼区第三
2005 伯乐巨星挑战赛悉尼区冠军
2006 New Talent Singing Awards Sydney Contest, Championship 全球华人新秀歌唱比赛悉尼区冠军
New Talent Singing Awards International Finals, 6th Place 全球华人新秀歌唱比赛总决赛第六名
2007 Super Boy Contest Xi'an Regional Championship 快乐男声西安唱区冠军
2007 Super Boy Contest Finals, 2nd Place快乐男声全国总决赛亚军
2007.12.17 腾讯星光大典年度潜力歌手
2008.01.08 精品十五年时尚大典流行音乐活力新秀奖
2008.01.23 Esquire[disambiguation needed] 时尚先生年度最具潜力男艺人奖
2008.01.26 雪碧原创音乐榜内地原创新人奖
2008.05 原创奥运单曲入选奥运征集歌曲60强,获得“推荐歌曲奖”
2008.12.23 首届“蒙牛酸酸乳音乐风云榜新人盛典”年度最佳唱作新人奖
2009.01.11 "念慈庵2008年度北京流行音乐典礼”年度最受欢迎的男新人奖(内地)
2009.06.19 第六届“劲歌王”全球华人乐坛年度总选“劲歌唱作人王”和“最受欢迎广告歌”


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