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Subhanpura (સુભાનપુરા) is an urban area in the western side of Vadodara City, in the state of Gujarat, in India.

It was a small village, which was merged with ever growing Western part of Vadodara city. Subhanpura is largely residencial area with few shopping malls and movie cinema halls. Majority of populations in this area are workers from nearby Gujarat Refinery and IPCL.

List of Schools & Institutes[edit]

There are number of good schools located in/near Subhanpura.

  1. Vidya Vihar
  2. Alembic School
  3. Tejas Vidyalaya
  4. Vidya Vikas
  5. C H Vidyalaya
  6. Nutan Vidyalaya
  7. Durga Vidyalaya
  8. Baroda High School,Wadivadi
  9. School for the Blind
  10. Institute of Engineers

Coordinates: 22°19′18″N 73°09′18″E / 22.3217°N 73.1550°E / 22.3217; 73.1550