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Subway Soccer Centre
The Soccer Centre
Location Calgary, Alberta
Coordinates 50°59′33″N 113°57′41″W / 50.99242°N 113.96147°W / 50.99242; -113.96147Coordinates: 50°59′33″N 113°57′41″W / 50.99242°N 113.96147°W / 50.99242; -113.96147
Owner Calgary Soccer Federation
Built 1992
Opened 1992
Calgary United FC (CMISL) (2008–present)

The Calgary Soccer Centre (formerly called the Subway Soccer Centre) is an indoor soccer facility located in Calgary, Alberta. The soccer centre is owned and operated by the City of Calgary. The centre is a prime venue for many minor soccer teams in Calgary, although with the 2010 collapse of the "bubble" (the centre's inflatable extension), many of those teams have had to resort to alternate locations for suitable indoor fields found in neighboring towns, such as Airdrie or Cochrane.[1] However, there were two other fields located in the city and could be resorted to if needed.[2]


The Calgary Soccer Centre also supports many other sports other than indoor and outdoor soccer, some of which would include field hockey, softball, football, lacrosse, lawn bowling, rugby football, and simply jogging, walking or running. The CSC also is the home venue for sports tournaments such as Jumpstart and the Canada Day Lacrosse tournament.


On Monday, November 22, 2010, the Soccer Centre’s expansion's (known most commonly as "the bubble") collapsed for the second time in two years. Upon the dilemma, the Soccer Centre committee has decided to construct a more stable variety of roof, with other options consisting of not to rebuild the expansion at all and keep the Subway Soccer Centre as a single structure. According to Perry Logan, the general manager of the Soccer Centre, the collapse was most likely caused by an anchor supporting the bubble collapsing before carving a rip in the material. Fortunately, no one was inside the bubble and therefore no one was injured in the occurring incident.[3]


The Soccer Centre is located in the South-East sector of Calgary, and the office is open on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. There is also a lounge, coffee bar, sandwich shop and soccer gear store.


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