Suckers (film)

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Directed by Roger Nygard
Produced by W.K. Border
Written by Roger Nygard
Joe Yanetty
Starring Joe Yanetty
Jake Johannsen
Daniel Benzali
David Ackert
Utah Blue
Eli Danker
Wayne Duvall
Louis Mandylor
David Poland
Michael D. Roberts
Valente Rodriguez
Music by Billy Sullivan
Walter Werzowa
Cinematography Nathan Hope
Edited by Roger Nygard
NEO Motion Pictures
Distributed by Creative Light Entertainment
Creative Light Worldwide
Release date
Running time
87 mins
Country United States
Language English
Budget $2,000,000

Suckers is an award winning comedy drama that was directed by Roger Nygard who co-wrote the story with Joe Yanetty. It is about the car sales business in the United States. It gives an insight into how things happen with the techniques that are employed to sell cars. It stars Joe Yannetty, Jake Johannsen, Daniel Benzali, Michael D. Roberts , Louis Mandylor and Lori Loughlin.


Bobby (played by Louis Mandylor) is nice-guy looking for work. He also owes a lot of money to these loan sharks, Chad and Everett.[1] One day he walks into Southside Motors in L.A., and takes a job as a car sales man. This is where it all happens and he enters into the shady world of car sales.[2] The dealership manager (played by Daniel Benzali) is a bald headed bully who has no qualms about screwing the customer.[3] Unfortunately for Bobby, he doesn't have the knack for screwing the customers.[4] Things are also complicated when the loan sharks come to collect money that Bobby owes them.[5]



The story for the film was written by Joe Yanetty and Roger Nygard who is a stand-up comic and former car salesman. Nygard also directed the film.[7] For the story, Nygard drew on accounts that he had heard from his car dealer friends. One was about a woman who used sex to steal a car and left the salesman stranded and naked.[8]

Premiere and awards[edit]

The film had its premiere at the Comedy Arts Festtval in Aspen.[9] The film was a 2001 Video Premiere Award Winner in the Screenplay category,[10] beating Tony Johnston's Full Disclosure by David Davis and Brian Cox, O.K. Garage by Brandon Cole, and Doug Campbell's The Tomorrow Man.[11] It was shown at the 2000 Cinequest Film Festival.[12] It picked up an award at the festival in the "Special Jury Artistic Merit Award" category.[13] It was also an entrant at the Waterfront Film Festival.[14]

The film has played on HBO and Cinemax.[15]


  • Sucker$ - Sand Hill SH 0061 - 2001[16]
  • Suckers - Planet - 2001
  • Suckers - Victory Multimedia - 2001
  • Suckers - Razor Digital Entertainment - 2004
  • Tough Guys: Suckers / Sex and Bullets - Razor - 2005[17]


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