Suji, Kilimanjaro

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Skyline of Suji
Coordinates: 4°22′S 37°52′E / 4.367°S 37.867°E / -4.367; 37.867Coordinates: 4°22′S 37°52′E / 4.367°S 37.867°E / -4.367; 37.867
Country Tanzania
Region Kilimanjaro
District Same
Population (2002)
 • Total 8,072
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Suji is a small village in the Pare Mountains, in the Kilimanjaro region of north-eastern Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of around 8,072 [1] (Male: 3,974, Female: 4,098). The majority of the villagers are of the Pare tribe (legend holds that they moved up the mountains as a security measure in a similar way other villages built forts. Their main antagonists were Maasai warriors who they call 'Kwavi'. The village is situated approximately 20 km from Makanya, a town on the main Dar es Salaam - Moshi road. In terms of religion, the majority of the residents are Seventh Day Adventists.


Truck used in emergencies

Kilimanjaro International Airport, situated between Moshi and Arusha is the nearest airport. Villagers rely on shuttle minibuses to transport them up and down the mountain. Suji secondary school together with the SDA church own a roadworthy truck. This is used in case of an emergency.


Mission church
Church bell
Aerial view of Suji, showing amenities

Suji has electricity and clean running water in most homes. Telephones, (landlines and mobile phones) are widely used, although with interrupted coverage. A few villagers also have satellite television.

The village has the following amenities:

  • Local shops and marketplace
  • Mission Guest House
  • Clinic / Dispensary
  • SDA church (From 1903)
  • Primary & Secondary schools
  • Shamge's Pub
  • Eneza's Hotel
  • patron's house


In addition to primary schools, there are 2 secondary school; Suji Secondary School and Malindi Secondary School. It was officially started on 28 February 1985. The School had two classrooms and four teachers, Singo Andrew K, (the headmaster), Mathayo Fue Mkwizu, Mngale,karani alex and John Kilonzo. Later on others joined the school; Kazani Yonafika Chambi, Mkitunda and Christopher Chambi, to mention a few. In 1988, Suji Secondary School released its first O-Level leavers.

Benjamini Bramweli,Emanuel Lukwaro (Ng'unda) and Solomon Robert are students of Malindi Secondary School. Without to foget the greatest man in suji KARANI ALEX KIONDO


  • Kirangare
  • Malindi
  • Chankanga
  • Gonjanza
  • jamia
  • Ngale
  • Mng'ende
  • Kitunda
  • Tae
  • Chome
  • Bwambo
  • Ivuga
  • Mpinji
  • Myamba
  • Parane
  • Ndungu
  • Chairika
  • Heidaru
  • Shigati
  • Hempungi
  • Kisimeni
  • Ikondova
  • Heivu
  • Nkogo
  • Mvuteni
  • Ninga
  • Heirioko
  • Mweteni

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