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SumTotal Systems, Inc.
Industry Software
Founded 1985
Headquarters Gainesville, Florida, USA
Key people
Bill Donoghue, CEO
Jeffrey Laborde, CFO

SumTotal Systems, Inc. is a software company based in Gainesville, Florida that provides human resource management software and services to private and public sector organizations.[1] The company delivers solutions through multiple cloud-based channels, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Hosted Subscription, and premises-based licensure. The company has regional offices in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.[citation needed]

In September 2014, SumTotal was acquired by SkillSoft, a provider of online learning to corporate training organizations.[2]


The company now called SumTotal Systems originated in the 2003 merger of Click2learn (Asymetrix) and Docent Software.[citation needed]

1997-2002: Background as Asymetrix[edit]

Asymetrix Learning Systems, based in Bellevue, Washington, was founded in 1984 by Paul Allen and funded through his Vulcan Ventures.[3] Asymetrix then spent around ten years developing software for online education.[3] Among the first products from this development period was ToolBook.[4] Other titles included Asymetrix Librarian and the e-Learning Network - an early software as a service product. Additionally, an early three-dimensional rendering system Asymetrix 3D F/X was released in 1994 and later renamed Web3d.[citation needed] Asymetrix also produced a variety of screen savers for a short period,[citation needed] and developed Compel (a graphical presentation and prototyping program).[5]

The company was recapitalized in 1995 with more funding from Allen.[3] In October 1996, SoftBank invested about $3.8 million in Asymetrix. In September 1997, Asymetrix acquired Aimtech for about $3.1M in stock. In October 1996, the company spun off its client/server tools into a newly created wholly owned subsidiary, ASX Corporation, which was renamed ConQuer Data, Inc. It was later renamed Infomodelers, which was then sold to Allen.[citation needed] Further acquisitions followed. In September 1997 Asymetrix acquired Oakes Interactive Incorporated, Acorn Associates Incorporated and TopShelf Multimedia for approximately $2.1 million. In the first half of 1998 it acquired New York-based Meliora Systems and Illinois-based Strategic Systems Associates.[citation needed] In 1998 Asymetrix went public. The June initial public offering (IPO) raised approximately $31 million. After the IPO, Allen controlled about 45% of the shares.[3] Asymetrix was listed on the Nasdaq exchange with the ticker symbol ASYM, with a lukewarm market reception.[6] In September 1999 Asymetrix issued $10 million in preferred stock to Vulcan and Marshall Capital.[7]

In October 1999 Asymetrix's name was changed to, when James A. Billmaier was its chief executive.[8] Between 1995 and 1999, like many companies in the dot-com bubble, Click2learn reported growing revenues but continued operational losses.[citation needed] Kevin M. Oakes took over as chief executive in January 2000.[9] In early 2000, the company spun off its graphics and rendering software as InfoModelers and was acquired by Visio Corporation.[10] Other noteworthy acquisitions included the May 2001 purchase of IntelliPrep Technologies, Incorporated and Meliora who made Ingenium.[citation needed] As products were consolidated into their Aspen Enterprise Productivity Suite, losses continued through 2002, resulting in operational cost control measures including reductions in workforce.[11] In 2003 click2learn (formerly Asymetrix) and Docent announced intentions to merge.[12]

1997-2002: Background as Docent Software[edit]

Docent Software was founded in 1997 and based in Mountain View, California.[13] David Mandelkern and Pardner Wynn founded the company, with Wynn as chief executive and Mandelkern as chief technology officer[13] The company developed business-oriented training software. Pardner and Cynthia Wynn (then married) had developed Stanford Testing Systems in 1994, doing business as TestPrep,[14] which was incorporated into Docent software holdings.[citation needed] Docent was funded by venture capital in six rounds from investors such as Norwest Venture Partners, Advanced Technology Ventures, and Invesco. It had operating losses for 1997, 1998, and 1999.[13] David R. Ellett replaced Wynn as chief executive in July 1998 on the cusp of the dot-com bubble. In 2000 Docent filed for an initial public offering (IPO) and went public on NASDAQ on September 29, raising approximately $85 million in the process.[15] Later, Docent acquired gForce Systems in October 2001 for $5.3 million, which included about $4.7 million in debts and liabilities. Following the years of operating losses, R. Andrew Eckert joined as president in December 2001 and ultimately replaced Ellett as CEO in April 2002.[16] After growing to over 200 employees at the time of the IPO, by 2002 the company had reduced its staff by 20% to cut costs.[17]

2003-2004: Formation of SumTotal Systems[edit]

In 2003 click2learn (formerly Asymetrix) and Docent announced intentions to merge. click2learn's shareholders received slightly more than half of the stock in the merged company - former shareholders in Click2learn owned about 52% and Docent about 48% of the shares. At the time of the merger, click2learn employed over 300 people, 100 of which in Hyderabad, India and Docent employed an additional 170.[12] The combined company became Hockey Merger Corporation in February 2004 while a new name was planned.[18] On March 18, 2004, the new name SumTotal Systems was announced for the combined company,[19] with headquarters in Gainesville, Florida. The merger was completed in 2004.[citation needed] Shares in the new company were listed on the Nasdaq exchange with symbol SUMT (previous symbols were CLKS and DCNT).[19]

2005-2017: Acquisitions[edit]

In October 2005, SumTotal acquired Pathlore, a mid-market learning management systems company with a focus in state and local government and healthcare.[20] In 2006 SumTotal acquired the privately owned software company MindSolve Technologies, founded in 1994, for about $12 million. Mindsolve focused on performance management software.[21] In May 2009 Vista Equity Partners, the largest software-only private equity fund, agreed to acquire SumTotal for $160 million[22] and closed the transaction in July 2009.[23]

On January 5, 2011, GeoLearning was acquired by SumTotal.[24]

In July 2011 SumTotal acquired CyberShift, a Parsippany, New Jersey software company focused SaaS multitenancy workforce management and expense solutions, and Accero, an enterprise payroll and benefits solution provider.[25] The two acquisitions added features to SumTotal's employee life-cycle management software. At the time of the acquisition, CyberShift's 1000 customers grew SumTotal's customer base to around 3400, and employees to around 1000.[26]

In August 2014, Skillsoft Limited, a computer-learning software and content provider, announced that its subsidiary, Skillsoft Corporation, has entered into an agreement to acquire SumTotal Systems, LLC from affiliates of US-based private equity firm Vista Equity Partners.[27] In September 2014, SumTotal was acquired by SkillSoft.[2]

Products and services[edit]

SumTotal's solutions include learning management, workforce management, talent management, HR, planning, analytics, payroll and benefits.[28] The company delivers its solutions through multiple cloud-based vehicles: Software as a Service (SaaS), Hosted Subscription, and in some cases premises-based licensure. The company has multiple regional offices in the US, Canada and outside of North America including Europe and APAC.[citation needed]


  • Named to the Deloitte 2008 Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies in North America.[29]
  • Software as a service for talent development, ResultsOnDemand, placed on KMWorld's Trend-Setting Product List of 2009.[30]
  • Called one of the top vendors in talent management systems by Bersin & Associates in its report, Talent Management Systems 2010: Market Realities, Implementation Experiences, and Solution Provider Profiles.[31]
  • 2012 Excellence in Talent Management Initiatives, Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards.[32]
  • Named top LMS vendor by Aberdeen Group, with 75 percent of its surveyed customers citing satisfaction with their company's learning program in 2012.[33]
  • Leaders Quadrant by Gartner, Inc. in 2012.[34]
  • SumTotal elixHR named Top HR Product of 2013.[35]
  • 2013 Best of Elearning! Awards in Four Categories - Best Learning Management System (Enterprise), Best HR Solution, Best Simulation Tool, Best Development Tool.[36]
  • 2013 Gold Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award for Extended Enterprise Learning in conjunction with USA Funds.[37]
  • Leader in Forrester Research Inc.’s Talent Management Wave in 2013.[38]
  • Top 20 most popular software solutions for both LMS and Talent Management Software in 2013.[39][40]

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