Rosa 'Sun Flare'

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Rosa 'JACjem' = 'Sun Flare'
Genus Rosa hybrid
Hybrid parentage 'Sunsprite' x Unnamed variety
Cultivar 'Sun Flare'
Marketing names Sunflare, Sun Flare, JACjem, 74-2681 (Breeder's References, New Zealand)
Origin Bred by William A. Warriner, United States, 1981.

'Sun Flare' is a floribunda rose cultivar that was bred in the United States in 1981 by William A. Warriner. Its scientific name is 'JACjem', after the company which introduced the rose commercially, Jackson & Perkins Co., but is known to most by its common name, 'Sun Flare' or 'Sunflare'.


The bright yellow double flowers reach 9 cm in diameter and appear in clusters of 3 to 20 in flushes throughout the flowering season. The lemon-yellow colour hardly fades with age even in hot climates, a problem many other yellow cultivars have. The ruffled flowers develop from pointed buds and have a mild licorice fragrance. 'Sun Flare' sometimes has rose hips.

The cultivar forms a low compact bush with reddish thorns and medium to small, dark green and glossy leaves. It reaches between 60 and 120 cm in height and an average width of 75 to 90 cm. It is winter hardy up to −23 °C (USDA zone 6) and very disease resistant.[1]


'Sun Flare' has won several awards, including gold medals in Japan (1981) and Portland (1986) and being included into the All American Rose Selection in 1983.


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