Sungrow Huainan Solar Farm

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Sungrow Huainan Solar Farm
LocationLiulong Village, 5 km from Nihe Town, Panji District, Huainan, Anhui, China
Coordinates32°47′21″N 116°51′13″E / 32.789114°N 116.853671°E / 32.789114; 116.853671Coordinates: 32°47′21″N 116°51′13″E / 32.789114°N 116.853671°E / 32.789114; 116.853671
Owner(s)Sungrow Power Supply
Solar farm
TypeFlat-panel PV
Power generation
Nameplate capacity40 MW

The Sungrow Huainan Solar Farm was once the world's largest floating solar array. Located 5 km southwest of Nihe Town, Huainan city in China's Anhui province, the array floats on an artificial lake, created on the site of a former coal mine, and has a capacity of 40 MW.[1]

The array consists of 166,000 panels and was built by Sungrow Power Supply.[2] It produces enough energy to power 15,000 homes, or twice as much as the previous holder of the largest-floating-solar-plant title, which was built by Xinyi Solar nearby in 2016.[3]

The benefits of floating solar arrays include: lower temperatures boosting power efficiency; the lack of dust meaning it can stay clean longer; using the water to clean the panels; and reducing water evaporation.[2]

According to The Japan Times, the Sungrow Huainan Solar Farm is 'part of Beijing’s effort to wean itself off a fossil fuel dependency'.[4]


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