Surabaya Kota railway station

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Surabaya Kota Station
Location Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Coordinates 7°14′35″S 112°44′28″E / 7.243°S 112.741°E / -7.243; 112.741Coordinates: 7°14′35″S 112°44′28″E / 7.243°S 112.741°E / -7.243; 112.741
Owned by PT Kereta Api Indonesia
Other information
Station code SB

Surabaya Kota Station is a railway station in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The local people usually call it Semut station.


Located at the central of the city, the station is also the oldest railway station in Surabaya, built in 1875 and opened in 1878. The station has two buildings, the old building is located at the north-east of the newer building, whereas the new building is located at the end of the tracks. Sadly the historic old building was demolished because of mall building near the Station, fortunately, the mall building process was stopped because it doesn't has building license, and the old building has been protected and chosen as one of the heritages in Surabaya.

The station still using mechanical signal to preserve its classical style and has two Signal Boxes near the exit signal. The station was very strategic, it is located near a market that is the one of the most famous markets in Surabaya, Pasar Atum, it also located near Sunan Ampel's tomb.

There are many train car shunting activities, especially at the morning and the evening when many trains are departing and arriving at the station. The station doesn't have a locomotive depot, the locomotive depot is located at Sidotopo station located at north-east of the station. Surabaya Gubeng station is located at south-east of the station about three kilometers far. Uniquely these three stations formed a triangle shaped railway, but the railway between Surabaya Kota with Surabaya Gubeng is a double tracked railway, the others are Single Tracks.


List of the trains that start and end their trip: