Surakul Stadium

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Surakul Stadium
ASEAN Cup 2008.JPG
Location Phuket, Thailand
Coordinates 7°53′20″N 98°22′19″E / 7.889023°N 98.371848°E / 7.889023; 98.371848
Owner Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT)
Operator Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT)
Capacity 15,000
Surface Grass
F.C. Phuket

Surakul Stadium (Thai: สนามกีฬาสุระกุล; rtgsSanamkila Surakun) is a multi-purpose stadium in Phuket Province, Thailand. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 15,000 and was built in 1959.

The stadium co-hosted the 2008 AFF Suzuki Cup. The use of the Surakul Stadium for this tournament had to be hastily arranged. Stadiums in Bangkok were intended to be used but because of the airport takeovers in Bangkok by the PAD the AFF in consultation with the FAT decided to switch venues. Despite better stadiums being available in Nakhon Ratchasima (5th December Stadium); Chiang Mai (700th Anniversary Stadium) and Songkhla (Tinasulanon Stadium); the Surakul Stadium was chosen as all the teams could fly directly into Phuket.

The stadium also played host to the 2009 King's Cup which included a notorious game involving Thailand and Lebanon where the latter walked off the pitch during the game as they became incensed by what they saw as biased refereeing.

The stadium will be used by Phuket FC for the 2009 season in the newly formed Division 2 Southern Region of the Thailand Division 2 League.

The finals of the well-known Rugby 10's are also played there.

Coordinates: 7°53′20″N 98°22′19″E / 7.889023°N 98.371848°E / 7.889023; 98.371848

Stadium and locations[edit]

Coordinates Location Stadium Capacity Year
7°53′20″N 98°22′19″E / 7.889023°N 98.371848°E / 7.889023; 98.371848 Phuket Surakul Stadium 15,000 2009-2014