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Sureshkumar Bhikamchand Jain, also known as Suresh Jain and Sureshdada Jain, is an Indian politician from Jalgaon in Maharashtra. He changed his party affiliation a number of times in his political career and has been elected to the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha for the record nine times.[1] He was elected from Jalgaon constituency in 1980 as an Indian National Congress (Indira) candidate, in 1985 as an Indian Congress (Socialist) candidate, in 1990 as an Indian Congress (Socialist) – Sarat Chandra Sinha candidate, in 1995 as an Indian National Congress candidate, in 1999 as a Shiv Sena candidate, in 2004, as a Nationalist Congress Party candidate and in 2009, he was elected from Jalgaon City constituency as a Shiv Sena candidate. Currently he is in Jail for Gharkul Scam.On 2 September 2016 he got unconditional bail from jail.