Susan Fereday (botanical artist)

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Susan Fereday
Self-portrait of Susan Fereday.png
Born 1815
Leicestershire, England
Died 21 October 1878
Sale, Victoria, Australia
Residence The Grove, George Town
Other names Susan Georgina Marianne Apthorpe
Known for the study of algae and scientific illustration
Spouse(s) Rev. John Fereday
Children Elizabeth Henty Fereday
Scientific career
Fields algology and botany

Susan Fereday (née Apthorpe) (1815, Leicestershire, England – 21 October 1878, Sale, Victoria, Australia)[1] was an algologist, botanical illustrator, artist and Sunday school teacher who made scientifically significant collections of botany specimens in Tasmania, Australia.[2] She was also a talented artist known for her accurate paintings of the local flora of Tasmania.[3]


Eucalyptus viminalis by Susan Fereday

Fereday was born Susan Georgina Marianne Apthorpe in Leicestershire, England in 1815. She married in 1837 and emigrated with her husband to Australia aboard the Aden in 1846.[4] Fereday lived in "The Grove" in George Town, Tasmania and used the local flora as inspiration for her paintings.[3] Fereday exhibited her art at the Melbourne Intercolonial Exhibition of 1866-1867.[4]

Nemastoma feredayae by William Henry Harvey

Fereday was also a keen collector of algae specimens and established a scientifically significant collection. William Henry Harvey named two species after Fereday to honour her contribution to the study of algae, Dasya feredayae and Nemastoma feredayae.[5][3]


Fereday married her husband the Reverend John Fereday in 1837 and had six children with him.[4]


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