Sweet Valley University

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Sweet Valley University
Author Francine Pascal
Country United States
Language English
Genre Young adult fiction, romance novel, mystery, thriller
Publisher Random House
Published 1993
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback)

Sweet Valley University, also known as SVU, is part of the Sweet Valley High young adult book series created by Francine Pascal. The series followed on from the Sweet Valley Senior Year series and featured twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield starting college. Unlike any of the other spin-offs, SVU covered two years of the twins' lives, their freshman and sophomore years in college.

The series was followed by the Elizabeth series.

Recurring characters[edit]

New characters[edit]

  • Tom Watts — Elizabeth's steady boyfriend
  • Sam Burgess — Elizabeth's housemate/love interest. While on a cross country road trip, Jessica, believing Sam is disingenuous and unfaithful, tricks him into kissing her to prove to Elizabeth that Sam is not the one for her. Elizabeth, upset at Jessica for stealing her boyfriend, vows to never forgive her sister and immediately flees to London. This arc begins the Elizabeth series.
  • Mike McAllery — Jessica's boyfriend and ex-husband. Mike and Steven didn't get along at all.
  • Nick Fox — Jessica's boyfriend, an undercover cop who ends up leaving Jessica and going into the witness protection program.
  • Neil Martin — Lives with the twins and Sam. A close friend of Elizabeth and Jessica, and one of the few homosexual characters in the series.
  • Gin-Yung Suh — Todd's girlfriend, whom he meets aboard the SS Homecoming Queen. Gin-Yung is an avid arts enthusiast and sports writer. She later passes away from a brain tumor in the book One Last Kiss.
  • Isabella Ricci — A popular sorority girl, girlfriend of Danny Wyatt, and one of Jessica's closest friends. She develops amnesia after a drug overdose.
  • Ryan Taylor — A hunky lifeguard, with an unrevealed dark past, whom the twins meet on a holiday at the seaside. Both are smitten with him, and the seductive Jessica tries to seduce him, but it turns out that he loved Elizabeth alone. However, Ryan and Liz mutually decide not to date, but kiss passionately later, only to be caught by an angered yet embarrassed Jess.
  • Danny Wyatt — Tom Watts' roommate/close friend and confidant, and Isabella's crush-turned-boyfriend.
  • Nina Harper — Elizabeth's first close friend at SVU, they initially bond because they're both very studious. She is the playful girlfriend to Bryan Nelson. Nina didn't get along with her mother because she was trying to control her future, but later reconciled with her when Mrs. Harper realised she needs to let Nina be a woman.
  • Bryan Nelson — Nina Harper's boyfriend, and head of the Black Student Union at SVU. Bryan is often overly serious about life, which causes him to get into fights with girlfriend Nina and be annoyed by class clown Winston Egbert.
  • James Montgomery — Jessica's boyfriend, a popular football player who attempted to rape Jessica while they were on a date. After discovering James' shady history, Elizabeth saved Jessica from the attempted rape and encouraged Jessica to bring further a case against James.
  • Louis Miles — a professor whom Jessica dated, who committed suicide to save Jessica's life from his crazy ex-wife.
  • Lauren Hill—Begins dating Todd immediately after he dumps Elizabeth for refusing to sleep with him. But dumped Todd eventually.
  • Mark Gathers — Todd's roommate, and Alex Rollins' boyfriend for a short while. When he becomes embroiled in the SVU basketball scandal, he leaves the school.
  • Scott Sinclair — a reporter for the Sweet Valley Gazette. Tries to manipulate Elizabeth into dating him when she and Tom are broken up.
  • Dana Upshaw — a musician who dated Todd and Tom
  • Noah Pearson — A quiet, mild mannered Psychology major, Noah begins dating the alcohol-addicted Alex Rollins when they meet on a counselling hotline.
  • Denise Waters — A beautiful Theta who is close friends with Isabella and Jessica. Winston Egbert pines over Denise for several books before they finally get together.
  • William White — a psychotic racist who fell madly in love with Elizabeth, before trying to murder her and her friends. It was assumed that William died, but he turned out to have been alive the whole time. He successfully destroyed Elizabeth's relationship with Tom, but he was eventually found out and died.
  • Celine Boudreaux — Elizabeth's first roommate and henchwoman of William White, from Louisiana. She and Elizabeth didn't get along well at all. Celine also was jealous of her because she was dating William. She despises Jessica for attempting to prevent her from joining the Thetas when she revealed her involvement with William. After her family disowns her, Celine was desperate for money and began drug dealing to make ends meet. She previously dated Jordan until he discovered her secret and eventually cooperated with Nick to clear Jessica of the drug dealing charges. Celine was later charged for drug dealing.
  • Alison Quinn — Jessica's rival at the Theta Alpha Theta sorority, tries to get Jessica kicked out of Theta for lack of commitment and because she disapproves of Jessica's relationship with Michael McAllery and sees her as a "status" threat. She also befriended Celine Boudreaux due to their shared dislike for Jessica.


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