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Swimming World
SwimmingWorldMagazineMasthead Swiminfo xsmall.jpg
Editor Bob Ingram
Categories Sport magazine
Frequency Monthly
First issue January 1960
Company Sports Publications International
Country USA
Based in Phoenix, Arizona
Language English
Website swimmingworldmagazine.com
ISSN 0039-7431

Swimming World is an US-based monthly swimming magazine, that was first published in a magazine format as Junior Swimmer in January 1960.[1] It runs an online swimming website (known as SwimInfo prior to 2006). The headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona.[2]

In its earliest form, Junior Swimmer began as a mimeograph/newsletter published by Peter Daland in the summer of 1952. In 1960, Coach Daland passed the responsibility of the project to Albert Schoenfeld due to Daland's greater coaching demands as the swim coach at the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles Athletic Club.[citation needed]

The publication then combined with Swimming World in June 1961.[citation needed] Swimming World was a mimeograph/newsletter published for the previous 10 years by Robert J. H. Kiphuth. The newly constituted magazine was then known as Junior Swimmer-Swimming World.[citation needed]

All advertising circulation statistics are now combined into three numbers: Views, Visitors and Social Media Reach. Swimming World no longer separate print distribution from digital distribution, nor paid from free distribution. Avgerage Monthly views on all Platforms—1.6 Million, Average Monthly unique visitors on SW.com: 681,000, Average Monthly Social Media Reach—1.2 Million. Swimming World Magazine Print, Digital Download and Online Viewing is up to 54,000 per month. Swimming World Biweekly is 30,000 per month. Swimming World Magazine ads that receive bonus online ads are guaranteed 250,000 Views Per Month.[3][better source needed][third-party source needed] It also has correspondents in Europe and Australia, and keeps track of all major FINA-sanctioned competitions, as well as tabulating extensive records of competitions ranging from junior to masters level swimming. It also provides advice on health related and technique issues for people with an interest in swimming.

It is also well known[citation needed][according to whom?] for awarding "Swimmer of the Year" awards in various categories. The award is often referred to in the media as "World Swimmer of the Year" when referring to swimmers who have been awarded the honor.[4]

Brent Rutemiller is the chief executive officer of Sports Publications International and Publisher of Swimming World Magazine, SWIM Magazine and Swimming Technique Magazine since 2002. Under his tenure, Rutemiller re-branded each media vehicle under one print title – Swimming World Magazine and then re-launched all three magazines as separate digital downloads. Shortly thereafter, he launched Swimming World Radio and Swimming World TV as online properties. The Morning Swim Show is Swimming World TV's flagship program which streams weekday mornings.[citation needed] The magazine also honors the top high school swim teams and swimmers in the country on an annual basis.[citation needed] In 2015, Rutemiller introduced Swimming World Biweekly as a free digital magazine aggregating the best stories on the Internet every two weeks.



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