International Swimming Hall of Fame

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International Swimming Hall of Fame and Museum
The ISHOF museum building
International Swimming Hall of Fame is located in Florida
International Swimming Hall of Fame
Location within Florida
Established November 23, 1964 (1964-11-23)
Location Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Coordinates 26°06′59″N 80°06′27″W / 26.116281°N 80.107569°W / 26.116281; -80.107569Coordinates: 26°06′59″N 80°06′27″W / 26.116281°N 80.107569°W / 26.116281; -80.107569
Type Hall of fame

The International Swimming Hall of Fame and Museum (ISHOF) is a history museum and hall of fame, located at One Hall of Fame Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, operated by private interests and serving as the central point for the study of the history of swimming in the United States and around the world. Exhibits include ancient art and both reproductions and original art depicting famous moments in swimming history (from ancient times to modern), swimwear, and civil rights, as well as memorabilia and artifacts belonging to persons who have promoted or excelled in aquatics. It is recognized by FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) as the official hall for the aquatics sports.


In 1965 Johnny Weissmuller became the president of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, that with this charge in 1970 was present at the Commonwealth Games in Jamaica and was introduced to Queen Elizabeth. ISHOF was incorporated in Florida as a non-profit educational corporation on November 23, 1964, with Buck Dawson, as its first executive director.[1] Nine months later—in August 1965—a 50-meter pool, 25-yard diving well, and warm-up pool were completed. This initial part of the Swimming Hall of Fame complex was dedicated on December 27, 1965, witnessed by 4,500 swimmers and other spectators from all fifty states and eleven foreign countries. In 1968, the then-Swimming Hall of Fame became the first world-recognized hall of fame in any sport, when the 105-nation FINA Congress met at the Summer Olympics in Mexico City and endorsed the hall of fame as an “International Swimming Hall of Fame”. On June 16, 1969, the organization’s Articles of Incorporation were amended to reflect that the name was changed to “International Swimming Hall of Fame”.[2]


The Hall of Fame is dedicated to promoting the benefits of swimming as both an essential life skill and sport, through the operation of the World Museum of Swimming and by immortalizing the achievements and contributions of those who have distinguished themselves in the following six branches of aquatic sports:

ISHOF inducts outstanding practitioners of these sports into the Hall of Fame as honorees in one of several categories:

  • Swimmer
  • Diver
  • Water Polo
  • Synchronized Swimmer
  • Open Water/Marathon Swimmer
  • Masters (adult) athlete
  • Coach
  • Contributor (to aquatics)
  • Pioneer


The first members of the hall of fame—a class of twenty-one—were inducted in 1965.

Name Country Category Year of induction
Abouheif, AbdellatiefAbdellatief Abouheif Egypt Open Water Swimmer 1998
Adlerz, ErikErik Adlerz Sweden Pioneer Diver 1986
Andersen, GretaGreta Andersen Denmark Swimmer 1969
Nyad, DianaDiana Nyad United States Swimmer 1979
Andersen, TeresaTeresa Andersen United States Synchronized Swimmer 1986
Anderson, MillerMiller Anderson United States Diver 1967
Anke, HanneloreHannelore Anke Germany Swimmer 1990
Aoki, MayumiMayumi Aoki Japan Swimmer 1989
Arai, ShigeoShigeo Arai Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1997
Armbruster, DaveDave Armbruster United States Coach 1966
Armstrong, DuncanDuncan Armstrong Australia Swimmer 1996
Arthur, RansomRansom Arthur United States Contributor 1990
Asher, JaneJane Asher United Kingdom Masters Swimmer 2006
Atwood, SusieSusie Atwood United States Swimmer 1992
Babashoff, ShirleyShirley Babashoff United States Swimmer 1982
Babb-Sprague, KristenKristen Babb-Sprague United States Synchronized Swimmer 1999
Bachrach, BillBill Bachrach United States Coach 1966
Ball, CatieCatie Ball United States Swimmer 1976
Bárány, IstvánIstván Bárány Hungary Swimmer 1978
Barkalov, AlexeiAlexei Barkalov Soviet Union Water Polo Player 1993
Barrowman, MikeMike Barrowman United States Swimmer 1997
Bathe, WalterWalter Bathe Germany Swimmer 1970
Battersby, SydneySydney Battersby United Kingdom Pioneer Swimmer 2007
Bauer, CarlCarl Bauer United States Contributor 1967
Bauer, SybilSybil Bauer United States Swimmer 1967
Baumann, AlexAlex Baumann Canada Swimmer 1992
Bean, Dawn PawsonDawn Pawson Bean United States Contributor/Synchronized Swimmer 1996
Beaurepaire, FrankFrank Beaurepaire Australia Swimmer 1967
Bebić, MilivojMilivoj Bebić Croatia Water Polo Player 2013
Belote, MelissaMelissa Belote United States Swimmer 1983
Benedek, TiborTibor Benedek Hungary Water Polo Player 2015
Bergen, PaulPaul Bergen United States/Canada Coach 1998
Berkoff, DavidDavid Berkoff United States Swimmer 2005
Bernier, SylvieSylvie Bernier Canada Diver 1996
Berry, KevinKevin Berry Australia Swimmer 1980
Bieberstein, ArnoArno Bieberstein Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Billingsley, HobieHobie Billingsley United States Coach/Diver 1983
Biondi, MattMatt Biondi United States Swimmer 1997
Biros, PéterPéter Biros Hungary Water Polo Player 2015
Bjedov, ĐurđicaĐurđica Bjedov Yugoslavia/Croatia Swimmer 1987
Blake, ThomasThomas Blake United States Pioneer Contributor 1992
Bleibtrey, EtheldaEthelda Bleibtrey United States Swimmer 1967
Blitz, GerardGerard Blitz Belgium Pioneer Swimmer/Water Polo Player 1990
Boggs, PhilPhil Boggs United States Diver 1985
Boiteux, JeanJean Boiteux France Swimmer 1982
Borg, ArneArne Borg Sweden Swimmer 1966
Bottom, JoeJoe Bottom United States Swimmer 2006
Liang Boxi China Pioneer Diver 2015[3]
Boyle, CharlotteCharlotte Boyle United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Boyton, PaulPaul Boyton United States Pioneer Contributor 1993
Brack, WalterWalter Brack Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1997
Brandsten, ErnstErnst Brandsten United States/Sweden Coach 1966
Brandsten, Greta JohansonGreta Johanson Brandsten Sweden Diver 1973
Braun, MaMa Braun Netherlands Coach 1967
Braun, MarieMarie Braun Netherlands Swimmer 1980
Brauninger, StanStan Brauninger United States Coach 1972
Breen, GeorgeGeorge Breen United States Swimmer 1975
Enith Brigitha Netherlands Swimmer 2015
Browning, DavidDavid Browning United States Diver 1975
Bruner, Jayne OwenJayne Owen Bruner United States Masters Swimmer 1998
Bruner, MikeMike Bruner United States Swimmer 1988
Bukić, PericaPerica Bukić Croatia Water Polo Player 2008
Burke, LynnLynn Burke United States Swimmer 1978
Brusnikina, OlgaOlga Brusnikina Russia Synchronized Swimmer 2009
Burton, MikeMike Burton United States Swimmer 1977
Bush, LesleyLesley Bush United States Diver 1986
Bussard, RayRay Bussard United States Coach 1999
Cady, FredFred Cady United States Coach 1969
Cagnotto, GiorgioGiorgio Cagnotto Italy Diver 1992
Calkins, MichelleMichelle Calkins Canada Synchronized Swimmer 2001
Callen, GloriaGloria Callen United States Swimmer 1984
Calligaris, NovellaNovella Calligaris Italy Swimmer 1986
Cameron, James MalcolmJames Malcolm Cameron United Kingdom Contributor 2003
Cameron, MichelleMichelle Cameron Canada Synchronized Swimmer 2000
Campbell, JeannetteJeannette Campbell Argentina Swimmer 1991
Cann, TedfordTedford Cann United States Swimmer 1967
Capilla, JoaquinJoaquin Capilla Mexico Diver 1976
Caretto, PattyPatty Caretto United States Swimmer 1987
Carey, RickRick Carey United States Swimmer 1993
Carlile, ForbesForbes Carlile Australia Coach 1976
Caron, KikiKiki Caron France Swimmer 1998
Carr, CathyCathy Carr United States Swimmer 1988
Caulkins, TracyTracy Caulkins United States Swimmer 1990
Cavill family (swimming), Cavill family (swimming) Australia Contributors (6) 1970
Center, GeorgeGeorge Center United States Pioneer Coach 1991
Chadwick, FlorenceFlorence Chadwick United States Swimmer 1970
Chandler, JenniferJennifer Chandler United States Diver 1987
Charlton, Andrew M. "Boy"Andrew M. "Boy" Charlton Australia Swimmer 1972
Chavoor, ShermanSherman Chavoor United States Coach 1977
Clark, S. EarlS. Earl Clark United States Diver 1972
Clark, SteveSteve Clark United States Swimmer 1966
Clausen-Fryland, StefaniStefani Clausen-Fryland Denmark Pioneer Diver 1988
Cleveland, DickDick Cleveland United States Swimmer 1991
Clotworthy, BobBob Clotworthy United States Diver 1980
Cody, JackJack Cody United States Coach 1970
Cohen, TiffanyTiffany Cohen United States Swimmer 1996
Coleman, GeorgiaGeorgia Coleman United States Diver 1966
Colwin, CecilCecil Colwin Canada/South Africa Contributor 1993
Cone, CarinCarin Cone United States Swimmer 1984
Cooper, BradBrad Cooper Australia Swimmer 1994
Cooper, M. JoyceM. Joyce Cooper United Kingdom Pioneer Swimmer 1996
Corsan, George, Sr.George Corsan Sr. Canada Contributor 1971
Costie, CandyCandy Costie United States Synchronized Swimmer 1995
Cotton, FrankFrank Cotton Australia Pioneer Contributor 1989
Counsilman, James E.James E. Counsilman United States Coach 1976
Cousteau, Jacques-YvesJacques-Yves Cousteau France Contributor 1967
Cox, LynneLynne Cox United States Open Water Swimmer 2000
Crabbe, BusterBuster Crabbe United States Swimmer 1965
Crapp, LorraineLorraine Crapp Australia Swimmer 1972
Crlenkovich, HelenHelen Crlenkovich United States Diver 1981
Csik, FerencFerenc Csik Hungary Swimmer 1983
Cummins, BertBert Cummins United Kingdom Contributor 1974
Cureton, Thomas K., Jr.Thomas K. Cureton Jr. United States Contributor 1980
Curtis, AnnAnn Curtis United States Swimmer 1966
Curtis, KayKay Curtis United States Synchronized Swimming Coach 1979
Daland, PeterPeter Daland United States Coach 1977
D'Altrui, GiuseppeGiuseppe D'Altrui [4] Italy Water Polo Player 2010 [5]
Daniel, EllieEllie Daniel United States Swimmer 1997
Daniels, Charles M.Charles M. Daniels United States Swimmer 1965
Darnyi, TamásTamás Darnyi Hungary Swimmer 2000
Darr, FlipFlip Darr United States Coach 2006
Daughters, RayRay Daughters United States Coach 1971
Davies, JohnJohn Davies Australia Swimmer 1984
Davis, VictorVictor Davis Canada Swimmer 1994
Dawson, William "Buck"William "Buck" Dawson United States Contributor 1986
de Wit, TheaThea de Wit Netherlands Contributor 2005
de Bruijn, IngeInge de Bruijn Netherlands Swimmer 2009
Deburghgraeve, FredFred Deburghgraeve Belgium Swimmer 2008
Dean, PennyPenny Dean United States Open Water Swimmer 1996
Degener, DickDick Degener United States Diver 1971
De Magistris, GianniGianni De Magistris Italy Water Polo Player 1995
DeMont, RickRick DeMont United States Swimmer 1990
Dempsey, FrankFrank Dempsey United States Diver 1996
den Ouden, WillyWilly den Ouden Netherlands Swimmer 1970
Dennis, ClareClare Dennis Australia Swimmer 1982
Derbyshire, John Henry "Rob"John Henry "Rob" Derbyshire United Kingdom Pioneer Swimmer/Water Polo Player/Coach 2005
Desjardins, PetePete Desjardins United States Diver 1966
de Varona, DonnaDonna de Varona United States Swimmer 1969
Devitt, JohnJohn Devitt Australia Swimmer 1979
Dibiasi, CarloCarlo Dibiasi Italy Pioneer Coach 2006
Dibiasi, KlausKlaus Dibiasi Italy Diver 1981
Dolan, TomTom Dolan United States Swimmer 2006
Donath, LeoLeo Donath Hungary Pioneer Contributor 1988
Dorfner, OlgaOlga Dorfner United States Swimmer 1970
Draves, LyleLyle Draves United States Diving Coach 1989
Draves, Victoria ManaloVictoria Manalo Draves United States Diver 1969
Drigny, Emile GeorgesEmile Georges Drigny France Contributor 1984
Drysdale, TaylorTaylor Drysdale United States Pioneer Swimmer 1994
Duchkova, MilenaMilena Duchkova Czechoslovakia Diver 1983
Duenkel, Virginia "Ginny"Virginia "Ginny" Duenkel United States Swimmer 1985
Dunbar, BarbaraBarbara Dunbar United States Masters Swimmer 2000
Durack, FannyFanny Durack Australia Swimmer 1967
Dyroen-Lancer, BeckyBecky Dyroen-Lancer United States Synchronized Swimmer 2004
Ederle, GertrudeGertrude Ederle United States Swimmer 1965
Edgar, DavidDavid Edgar United States Swimmer 1996
Egerszegi, KrisztinaKrisztina Egerszegi Hungary Swimmer 2001
Ellis, KathyKathy Ellis United States Swimmer 1991
Elsener, PattyPatty Elsener United States Diver 2002
Emery, GailGail Emery United States Synchronized Swimming Coach 2000
Ender, KorneliaKornelia Ender Germany Swimmer 1981
Epstein, CharlotteCharlotte Epstein United States Contributor 1974
Estiarte, ManuelManuel Estiarte Spain Water Polo Player 2007
Evans, JanetJanet Evans United States Swimmer 2001
Eve, Richmond CavillRichmond Cavill Eve Australia Pioneer Diver 1991
Farago, TamásTamás Farago Hungary Water Polo Player 1993
Faricy, JohnJohn Faricy United States Pioneer Swimmer 1990
Farrell, JeffJeff Farrell United States Swimmer 1968
Fassnacht, HansHans Fassnacht Germany Swimmer 1992
Fauntz, JaneJane Fauntz United States Pioneer Swimmer/Diver 1991
Feggelen, Iet VanIet Van Feggelen Netherlands Pioneer Swimmer 2009
Ferguson, CathyCathy Ferguson United States Swimmer 1978
Fern, HaroldHarold Fern United Kingdom Contributor 1974
Fick, PeterPeter Fick United States Swimmer 1978
Finneran, SharonSharon Finneran United States Swimmer 1985
Fioravanti, DomenicoDomenico Fioravanti [6] Italy Swimmer 2012
Firby, HowardHoward Firby Canada Coach 1985
Flanagan, RalphRalph Flanagan United States Swimmer 1978
Fletcher, JennieJennie Fletcher United Kingdom Swimmer 1971
Ford, AlanAlan Ford United States Swimmer 1966
Ford, MichelleMichelle Ford Australia Swimmer 1994
Forsberg, GeraldGerald Forsberg United Kingdom Pioneer Open Water Contributor 1998
Franklin, BenjaminBenjamin Franklin United States Contributor 1968
Fraser, DawnDawn Fraser Australia Swimmer 1965
Frechette, SylvieSylvie Frechette Canada Synchronized Swimmer 2003
Freeman, MaryMary Freeman United States Coach/Contributor 1988
Fu, MingxiaFu Mingxia China Diver 2005
Fullard-Leo, EllenEllen Fullard-Leo United States Contributor 1974
Fulton, Patty RobinsonPatty Robinson Fulton United States Masters Diver 2001
Furniss, BruceBruce Furniss United States Swimmer 1987
Furuhashi, HironoshinHironoshin Furuhashi Japan Swimmer 1967
Furukawa, MasaruMasaru Furukawa Japan Swimmer 1981
Gaines, RowdyRowdy Gaines United States Swimmer 1995
Gallagher, HarryHarry Gallagher Australia Coach 1984
Galligan, ClaireClaire Galligan United States Swimmer 1970
Gambril, DonDon Gambril United States Coach 1983
Gao, MinGao Min China Diver 1998
Saville, EleanorEleanor Saville United States Pioneer Swimmer 1992
Garton, TimTim Garton United States Masters Swimmer 1997
Gate, GeorgeGeorge Gate Canada Coach 1989
Gathercole, TerryTerry Gathercole Australia Swimmer 1985
Gestring, MarjorieMarjorie Gestring United States Diver 1976
Girón, CarlosCarlos Girón Mexico Diver 2001
Glancy, HarryHarry Glancy United States Pioneer Swimmer 1990
Gompf, TomTom Gompf United States Contributor 2002
Goodell, BrianBrian Goodell United States Swimmer 1986
Goodwin, LeoLeo Goodwin United States Swimmer 1971
Gossick, SueSue Gossick United States Diver 1988
Gould, ShaneShane Gould Australia Swimmer 1977
Graef, JedJed Graef United States Swimmer 1988
Grinham, JudyJudy Grinham United Kingdom Swimmer 1981
Gross, MichaelMichael Gross Germany Swimmer 1995
Guest, IreneIrene Guest United States Pioneer Swimmer 1990
Gundling, BeulahBeulah Gundling United States Aquatic Artist 1965
Gunst, FritzFritz Gunst Germany Pioneer Water Polo Player 1990
Gunther, PaulPaul Gunther Germany Pioneer Diver 1988
Guthrie, FrankFrank Guthrie Australia Coach 1991
Gyarmati, AndreaAndrea Gyarmati Hungary Swimmer 1995
Gyarmati, DezsőDezső Gyarmati Hungary Water Polo Player 1976
Gyenge, ValériaValéria Gyenge Hungary Swimmer 1978
Hargitay, AndrásAndrás Hargitay Hungary Swimmer 2008
Haines, GeorgeGeorge Haines United States Coach 1977
Hajós, AlfrédAlfréd Hajós Hungary Swimmer 1966
Halassy, OlivérOlivér Halassy Hungary Water Polo Player 1978
Hall, Gary, Sr.Gary Hall Sr. United States Swimmer 1981
Hall, KayeKaye Hall United States Swimmer 1979
Halmay, ZoltánZoltán Halmay Hungary Swimmer 1968
Hamuro, TetsuoTetsuo Hamuro Japan Swimmer 1990
Handley, Louis deBredaLouis deBreda Handley United States Coach 1967
Handy, JamisonJamison Handy United States Contributor 1965
Hannula, DickDick Hannula United States Coach 1987
Happe, UrsulaUrsula Happe Germany Swimmer 1997
Harding, PhyllisPhyllis Harding United Kingdom Swimmer 1995
Harlan, BruceBruce Harlan United States Diver 1973
Harper, DonDon Harper United States Diver 1998
Harrison, JoanJoan Harrison South Africa Swimmer 1982
Harup, KarenKaren Harup Denmark Swimmer 1975
Hashizume, ShiroShiro Hashizume Japan Swimmer 1992
Hatfield, John Gatenby "Jack"John Gatenby "Jack" Hatfield United Kingdom Swimmer/Water Polo Player 1984
Healy, CecilCecil Healy Australia Swimmer 1981
Hearn, GeorgeGeorge Hearn United Kingdom Pioneer Contributor 1986
Hebner, HarryHarry Hebner United States Swimmer 1968
Heidenreich, JerryJerry Heidenreich United States Swimmer 1992
Helmick, BobBob Helmick United States Contributor 2007
Hencken, JohnJohn Hencken United States Swimmer 1988
Henne, JanJan Henne United States Swimmer 1979
Henning, HaroldHarold Henning United States Contributor 1979
Henning, ThorThor Henning Sweden Pioneer Swimmer 1992
Henricks, JonJon Henricks Australia Swimmer 1973
Jodie Henry Australia Swimmer 2015
Henry, WilliamWilliam Henry United Kingdom Contributor 1974
Herford, SamSam Herford Australia Coach 1992
Heyns, PennyPenny Heyns South Africa Swimmer 2007
Hickcox, CharlieCharlie Hickcox United States Swimmer 1976
Higgins, JohnJohn Higgins United States Swimmer 1971
Hodgson, GeorgeGeorge Hodgson Canada Swimmer 1968
Hoffman, FalkFalk Hoffman Germany Diver 1999
Hoffman, Robert M.Robert M. Hoffman United States Pioneer Contributor 2001
Hogan, PegPeg Hogan United States Masters Synchronized Swimmer 2002
Hogshead, NancyNancy Hogshead United States Swimmer 1994
Holiday, HarryHarry Holiday United States Swimmer 1991
Holland, SteveSteve Holland Australia Swimmer 1989
Holm, EleanorEleanor Holm United States Swimmer 1966
Holman, FrederickFrederick Holman United Kingdom Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Homonnai, MártonMárton Homonnai Hungary Water Polo Player 1971
Hoppenberg, ErnstErnst Hoppenberg Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Hough, Richard R.Richard R. Hough United States Swimmer 1970
Hunt Newman, VirginiaVirginia Hunt Newman United States Pioneer Contributor 1993
Hunyadfi, StefenStefen Hunyadfi Hungary/Italy/United States Coach 1969
Hutton, RalphRalph Hutton Canada Swimmer 1984
Hveger, RagnhildRagnhild Hveger Denmark Swimmer 1966
Iglesias, HoracioHoracio Iglesias Argentina Open Water Swimmer 2003
Irwin, Juno StoverJuno Stover Irwin United States Diver 1980
Jager, TomTom Jager United States Swimmer 2001
Janković, ZoranZoran Janković Yugoslavia Water Polo Player 2004
Jany, AlexAlex Jany France Swimmer 1977
Jarvis, John ArthurJohn Arthur Jarvis United Kingdom Swimmer 1968
Jastremski, ChetChet Jastremski United States Swimmer 1977
Ježić, ZdravkoZdravko Ježić Yugoslavia/Croatia Water Polo Player 2010
Johansson, HjalmarHjalmar Johansson Sweden Pioneer Diver/Contributor 1982
Johnson, GailGail Johnson United States Synchronized Swimmer 1983
Johnston, GrahamGraham Johnston United States Masters Swimmer 1998
Karen and Sarah Josephson United States Synchronized Swimmer 1997
Aleksandr KabanovAleksandr Kabanov Soviet Union Water Polo Player 2001
Kaciusyte, LinaLina Kaciusyte Soviet Union Swimmer 1998
Kahanamoku, DukeDuke Kahanamoku United States Swimmer 1965
Kalinina, IrinaIrina Kalinina Soviet Union Diver 1990
Kane, MarionMarion Kane United States Synchronized Swimming Coach 1981
Kárpáti, GyörgyGyörgy Kárpáti Hungary Water Polo Player 1982
Kásás, TamásTamás Kásás Hungary Water Polo Player 2015
Katoh, KoujiKouji Katoh Japan Coach 2001
Kaufman, BethBeth Kaufman United States Contributor 1967
Kealoha, WarrenWarren Kealoha United States Swimmer 1968
Kellerman, AnnetteAnnette Kellerman Australia Contributor 1974
Kemény, DénesDénes Kemény Hungary Water Polo Coach 2011
Kennedy, Edward T.Edward T. Kennedy United States Contributor 1966
Kenney, SkipSkip Kenney United States Coach 2004
Kiefer, AdolphAdolph Kiefer United States Swimmer 1965
Kieran, BarneyBarney Kieran Australia Swimmer 1969
Kight, LenoreLenore Kight United States Swimmer 1981
Kimball, DickDick Kimball United States Coach/Diver 1985
King, MickiMicki King United States Diver 1978
Kinsella, JohnJohn Kinsella United States Swimmer 1986
Kint, CorCor Kint Netherlands Swimmer 1971
Kiphuth, RobertRobert Kiphuth United States Coach 1965
Kiss, GergelyGergely Kiss Hungary Water Polo Player 2015
Kitamura, KusuoKusuo Kitamura Japan Swimmer 1965
Kiyokawa, MasajiMasaji Kiyokawa Japan Swimmer 1978
Knape, UlrikaUlrika Knape Sweden Diver 1982
Koike, ReizoReizo Koike Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1996
Kojac, GeorgeGeorge Kojac United States Swimmer 1968
Kok, AdaAda Kok Netherlands Swimmer 1976
Kok, MaryMary Kok Netherlands Swimmer 1980
Kolb, ClaudiaClaudia Kolb United States Swimmer 1975
Komjádi, BélaBéla Komjádi Hungary Water Polo Player 1995
Konno, FordFord Konno United States Swimmer 1972
John and Ilsa Konrads Australia Swimmer 1971
Kotani, MikakoMikako Kotani Japan Synchronized Swimmer 2007
Kother, RosemarieRosemarie Kother Germany Swimmer 1986
Kovačić-Ćiro, ZdravkoZdravko Kovačić-Ćiro Yugoslavia/Croatia Water Polo Player 1984
Kramer, IngridIngrid Kramer Germany Diver 1975
Krause, BarbaraBarbara Krause Germany Swimmer 1988
Krauser, JuneJune Krauser United States Contributor, "mother" of Masters Swimming 1994
Kruger, StubbyStubby Kruger United States Pioneer Swimmer/Diver 1986
Kuehn, LouisLouis Kuehn United States Pioneer Diver 1988
Kuipers, KarinKarin Kuipers Netherlands Water Polo player 2014
Lackie, EthelEthel Lackie United States Swimmer 1969
Lamberti, GiorgioGiorgio Lamberti Italy Swimmer 2004
Lane, FrederickFrederick Lane Australia Swimmer 1969
Langer, LudyLudy Langer United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Langner, GusGus Langner United States Masters Swimmer 1995
Larfaoui, MustaphaMustapha Larfaoui Algeria Contributor 1998
Larson, LanceLance Larson United States Swimmer 1980
Larsson, GunnarGunnar Larsson Sweden Swimmer 1979
Laufer, WalterWalter Laufer United States Swimmer 1973
Lawrence, LaurieLaurie Lawrence Australia Coach 1996
Lee, SammySammy Lee United States Diver 1968
Lemhényi, DezsőDezső Lemhényi Hungary Water Polo Player/Coach/Contributor 1998
Lemmon, KelleyKelley Lemmon United States Masters Swimmer 1999
LeMoyne, HarryHarry LeMoyne United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Lenk, MariaMaria Lenk Brazil Swimmer 1988
Lenzi, MarkMark Lenzi United States Diver 2003
Linehan, KimKim Linehan United States Swimmer 1997
Lippman, Bill, Jr.Bill Lippman Jr. United States Contributor 1995
Loader, DanyonDanyon Loader New Zealand Swimmer 2003
Longfellow, Wilbert E.Wilbert E. Longfellow United States Contributor 1965
Lonsbrough, AnitaAnita Lonsbrough United Kingdom Swimmer 1983
Lonzi, GianniGianni Lonzi Italy Water Polo Player/Coach 2009
Lord Landon, AliceAlice Lord Landon United States Pioneer Swimmer/Contributor 1993
Louganis, GregGreg Louganis United States Diver 1993
Luehring, FrederickFrederick Luehring United States Contributor 1974
Lundquist, SteveSteve Lundquist United States Swimmer 1990
Diana Mocanu Romania Swimmer 2015
MacKellar, LillianLillian MacKellar United States/Canada/New Zealand Pioneer Coach/Contributor/Synchronized Swimmer 1993
Madison, HeleneHelene Madison United States Swimmer 1966
Maehata, HidekoHideko Maehata Japan Swimmer 1979
Majoni, MarioMario Majoni Italy Water Polo Player 1972
Makino, ShozoShozo Makino Japan Swimmer 1991
Malmrot, HakanHakan Malmrot Sweden Swimmer 1980
Mann, Matt, IIMatt Mann II United States/United Kingdom Coach 1965
Mann, ShelleyShelley Mann United States Swimmer 1966
Mann, ThompsonThompson Mann United States Swimmer 1984
Markovits, KálmánKálmán Markovits Hungary Water Polo Player 1994
Marshall, JohnJohn Marshall Australia Swimmer 1973
Martin, G. HaroldG. Harold Martin United States Pioneer Contributor 1999
Mastenbroek, HendrikaHendrika Mastenbroek Netherlands Swimmer 1968
Matsuzawa, IkkakuIkkaku Matsuzawa Japan Coach 2009
Matthes, RolandRoland Matthes Germany Swimmer 1981
Mayer, MihályMihály Mayer Hungary Water Polo Player 1987
McCaffree, CharlesCharles McCaffree United States Contributor 1976
McCormick, GlennGlenn McCormick United States Coach 1995
McCormick, KellyKelly McCormick United States Diver 1999
McCormick, PatPat McCormick United States Diver 1965
McDermott, Michael "Turk"Michael "Turk" McDermott United States Swimmer 1969
McGillivray, PerryPerry McGillivray United States Swimmer 1981
McGowan, JudyJudy McGowan United States Contributor/Synchronized Swimming 2009
McGrath, MargoMargo McGrath United States Synchronized Swimmer 1989
McKee, TimTim McKee United States Swimmer 1998
McKenzie, DonDon McKenzie United States Swimmer 1989
McKim, JosephineJosephine McKim United States Pioneer Swimmer 1991
McKinney, FrankFrank McKinney United States Swimmer 1975
McLane, JimmyJimmy McLane United States Swimmer 1970
Meagher, Mary T.Mary T. Meagher United States Swimmer 1993
Meany, HelenHelen Meany United States Diver 1971
Medica, JackJack Medica United States Swimmer 1966
Merlino, MaxineMaxine Merlino United States Masters Swimmer 1999
Metschuck, CarenCaren Metschuck Germany Swimmer 1990
Meyer, DebbieDebbie Meyer United States Swimmer 1977
Mijić, VojislavVojislav Mijić Serbia Marathon Swimmer 2014
Milanović, IgorIgor Milanović Yugoslavia/Serbia Water Polo Player 2006
Minville, AlbanAlban Minville France Coach 1980
Miškov, RadovanRadovan Miškov Croatia Masters Water Polo Player 2014
Mitchell, BetsyBetsy Mitchell United States Swimmer 1998
Mitchell, MicheleMichele Mitchell United States Diver 1995
Miyazaki, YasujiYasuji Miyazaki Japan Swimmer 1981
Moe, KarenKaren Moe United States Swimmer 1992
Molnár, TamásTamás Molnár Hungary Water Polo Player 2015
Montgomery, JimJim Montgomery United States Swimmer 1986
Moore, BelleBelle Moore United Kingdom Pioneer Swimmer 1989
Moorhouse, AdrianAdrian Moorhouse United Kingdom Swimmer 1999
Morales, PabloPablo Morales United States Swimmer 1998
Moriarty, PhilPhil Moriarty United States Coach 1980
Morris, PamelaPamela Morris United States Synchronized Swimmer/Swimmer 1965
Morton, LucyLucy Morton United Kingdom Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Mowerson, BobBob Mowerson United States Coach 1986
Mueller, ArdethArdeth Mueller United States Masters Swimmer 1996
Muir, BobBob Muir United States Pioneer Coach 1989
Muir, DebbieDebbie Muir Canada Synchronized Swimming Coach 2007
Muir, KarenKaren Muir South Africa Swimmer 1980
Mulliken, BillBill Mulliken United States Swimmer 1984
Munoz, FelipeFelipe Munoz Mexico Swimmer 1991
Murakami, KatsuyoshiKatsuyoshi Murakami Japan Coach 1997
Murphy, KevinKevin Murphy United Kingdom Open water swimmer 2009
Naber, JohnJohn Naber United States Swimmer 1982
Nagasawa, JiroJiro Nagasawa Japan Swimmer 1993
Nall, AnitaAnita Nall United States Swimmer 2008
Nakama, KeoKeo Nakama United States Swimmer 1975
Neall, GailGail Neall Australia Swimmer 1996
Neilson, SandySandy Neilson United States Swimmer 1986
Nelson, JackJack Nelson United States Coach 1994
Nemeth, JanosJános Németh Hungary Water Polo Player 1969
Nesty, AnthonyAnthony Nesty Suriname Swimmer 1998
Neumann, PaulPaul Neumann Austria Pioneer Swimmer 1986
Neuschaefer, AlAl Neuschaefer United States Coach 1967
Neyer, MeganMegan Neyer United States Diver 1997
Ni, XiongXiong Ni China Diver 2006
Nicholas, CindyCindy Nicholas Canada Open Water Swimmer 2005
Nitzkowski, MonteMonte Nitzkowski United States Coach/Water Polo Player 1991
Norelius, MarthaMartha Norelius United States Swimmer 1967
Eva and Ilona Novak Hungary Swimmers 1973
O'Brien, IanIan O'Brien Australia Swimmer 1985
O'Brien, RonRon O'Brien United States Coach/Diver 1988
O'Connor, WallyWally O'Connor United States Water Polo Player 1966
O'Neill, SusanSusan O'Neill Australia Swimmer 2006
O'Rourke, HeidiHeidi O'Rourke United States Synchronized Swimmer 1980
Olsen, NormaNorma Olsen United States Pioneer Synchronized Swimming Contributor 1998
Olsen, Zoe AnnZoe Ann Olsen United States Diver 1989
Osaki, YoshikoYoshiko Osaki Japan Masters Swimmer 2005
Osipowich, AlbinaAlbina Osipowich United States Pioneer Swimmer 1986
Ostos, JavierJavier Ostos Mexico Contributor 1981
Ottenbrite, AnneAnne Ottenbrite Canada Swimmer 1999
Otto, KristinKristin Otto Germany Swimmer 1993
Oyakawa, YoshiYoshi Oyakawa United States Swimmer 1973
Padou, HenriHenri Padou France Water Polo Player 1970
Pankratov, DenisDenis Pankratov Russia Swimmer 2004
Papenguth, RichardRichard Papenguth United States Coach 1986
Parrington, FrankFrank Parrington United Kingdom Pioneer Diver 1986
Patnik, AlAl Patnik United States Diver 1969
Pedersen, SueSue Pedersen United States Swimmer 1995
Peirsol, AaronAaron Peirsol United States Swimmer 2016
Peppe, MikeMike Peppe United States Coach 1966
Perkins, KierenKieren Perkins Australia Swimmer 2006
Phillips, William BergeWilliam Berge Phillips Australia Contributor 1997
Picornell, BernardoBernardo Picornell Spain Pioneer Contributor 1993
Pinkston, Betty BeckerBetty Becker Pinkston United States Diver 1967
Pinkston, ClarenceClarence Pinkston United States Coach 1966
Pipes, KarlynKarlyn Pipes United States Masters Swimmer 2015
Pizzo, EraldoEraldo Pizzo Italy Water Polo Player 1990
Plentinex, JosephJoseph Plentinex Belgium Pioneer Water Polo Player 1988
Poliansky, IgorIgor Poliansky Soviet Union Swimmer 2002
Pollack, AndreaAndrea Pollack Germany Swimmer 1987
Pope, Paula Jean MyersPaula Jean Myers Pope United States Diver 1979
Popov, AlexanderAlexander Popov Russia Swimmer 2009
Potter, CynthiaCynthia Potter United States Diver 1987
Poynton, DorothyDorothy Poynton United States Diver 1968
Prew, WilliamWilliam Prew United States Pioneer Swimmer 1998
Prozumenshikova, GalinaGalina Prozumenshikova Soviet Union Swimmer 1977
Quick, RichardRichard Quick United States Coach 2000
Rademacher, ErichErich Rademacher Germany Swimmer/Water Polo Player 1972
Radmilovic, PaulPaul Radmilovic United Kingdom Water Polo Player 1967
Railey, BrockBrock Railey United States Swimmer 2011
Rajki, BelaBela Rajki Hungary Contributor 1996
Rausch, EmilEmil Rausch Germany Swimmer 1968
Rawlinson, AustinAustin Rawlinson United Kingdom Pioneer Swimmer 1994
Rawls, KatherineKatherine Rawls United States Swimmer/Diver 1965
Redmond, CarolCarol Redmond United States Synchronized Swimmer 1989
Reese, EddieEddie Reese United States Coach 2002
Reese, RandyRandy Reese United States Coach 2005
Reinisch, RicaRica Reinisch Germany Swimmer 1989
Richter, UlrikeUlrike Richter Germany Swimmer 1983
Riggin Soule, AileenAileen Riggin Soule United States Swimmer/Diver 1967
Riley, MickeyMickey Riley United States Diver 1977
Ris, WallyWally Ris United States Swimmer 1966
Ritter, R. MaxR. Max Ritter United States/Germany Contributor 1965
Robertson, David H.David H. Robertson United States Contributor/Coach 1989
Robie, CarlCarl Robie United States Swimmer 1976
Robinson, TomTom Robinson United States Coach 1975
Rogošić, VeljkoVeljko Rogošić Croatia Marathon Swimmer 1998
Rollán, JesúsJesús Rollán Spain Water Polo Player 2012
Roper, GailGail Roper United States Masters Swimmer 1997
Rose, BillyBilly Rose United States Contributor 1995
Rose, MurrayMurray Rose Australia Swimmer 1965
Ross, AnneAnne Ross United States Diver 1984
Ross, ClarenceClarence Ross United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Ross, NormanNorman Ross United States Swimmer 1967
Rózsa, NorbertNorbert Rózsa Hungary Swimmer 2005
Roth, DickDick Roth United States Swimmer 1987
Rothhammer, KeenaKeena Rothhammer United States Swimmer 1991
Rouse, JeffJeff Rouse United States Swimmer 2001
Rubini, CesareCesare Rubini Italy Water Polo Player 2000
Ruddy, Joe, Sr.Joe Ruddy United States Pioneer Water Polo Player 1986
Rude, RayRay Rude United States Contributor 1992
Rudić, RatkoRatko Rudić Yugoslavia/Croatia Water Polo Coach 2007
Ruiz, TracieTracie Ruiz United States Synchronized Swimmer 1993
Russell, DougDoug Russell United States Swimmer 1985
Ruuska, SylviaSylvia Ruuska United States Swimmer 1976
Saari, RoyRoy Saari United States Swimmer 1976
Sadovyi, YevgenyYevgeny Sadovyi Russia Swimmer 1999
Sakamoto, SoichiSoichi Sakamoto United States Coach 1966
Salinas Abril, SebastianSebastian Salinas Abril Peru Contributor 1999
Salnikov, VladimirVladimir Salnikov Soviet Union Swimmer 1993
Sanders, SummerSummer Sanders United States Swimmer 2002
Sandić, MirkoMirko Sandić Yugoslavia/Serbia Water Polo Player 1999
Sárosi, ImreImre Sárosi Hungary Coach 1981
Sava, CharlieCharlie Sava United States Coach 1970
Savery, JillJill Savery United States Synchronized Swimmer 2008
Schaeffer, E. CarrollE. Carroll Schaeffer United States Swimmer 1968
Scheff, OttoOtto Scheff Austria Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Schlueter, WaltWalt Schlueter United States Coach 1978
Schneider, PetraPetra Schneider Germany Swimmer 1989
Schoenfield, AlAl Schoenfield United States Contributor 1985
Scholes, ClarkeClarke Scholes United States Swimmer 1980
Schollander, DonDon Schollander United States Swimmer 1965
Schrader, HildeHilde Schrader Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1994
Schroeder, TerryTerry Schroeder United States Water Polo Player 2002
Schubert, MarkMark Schubert United States Coach 1997
Schuler, CarolynCarolyn Schuler United States Swimmer 1989
Seller, PegPeg Seller Canada Pioneer Synchronized Swimmer/Coach 1988
Senff, NidaNida Senff Netherlands Swimmer 1983
Sharonov, YevgenyYevgeny Sharonov Russia Water Polo Player 2003
Shaw, TimTim Shaw United States Swimmer/Water Polo Player 1989
Sheldon, GeorgeGeorge Sheldon United States Pioneer Diver 1989
Shuwei, SunSun Shuwei China Diver 2007
Sietas, ErwinErwin Sietas Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1992
Silvia, CharlesCharles Silvia United States Contributor 1976
Simaika, FaridFarid Simaika Egypt Diver 1982
Sitzberger, KenKen Sitzberger United States Diver 1994
Skelton, RobertRobert Skelton United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Skinner, JontyJonty Skinner South Africa Swimmer 1985
Smith, BillBill Smith United States Swimmer 1966
Smith, CarolineCaroline Smith United States Pioneer Diver 1988
Smith, CharlesCharles Smith United Kingdom Water Polo Player 1981
Smith, DickDick Smith United States Diving Coach 1979
Smith, HaroldHarold Smith United States Diver 1979
Smith, JimmyJimmy Smith United States Pioneer Water Polo Player 1992
Smith, R. JacksonR. Jackson Smith United States Contributor 1983
Snelling, DerykDeryk Snelling Canada/United Kingdom Coach 1993
Spence Brothers: Walter, Leonard, Wallace British Guiana Swimmers 1967
Spitz, MarkMark Spitz United States Swimmer 1977
Stack, AllenAllen Stack United States Swimmer 1979
Stager, GusGus Stager United States Coach 1982
Steedman, CharlesCharles Steedman United Kingdom/Australia Contributor 2000
Steinseifer, CarrieCarrie Steinseifer United States Swimmer 1999
Stender, JanJan Stender Netherlands Coach 1973
Sterkel, JillJill Sterkel United States Swimmer 2002
Stewart, MelvinMelvin Stewart United States Swimmer 2002
Stickles, EdwardEdward Stickles United States Swimmer 1995
Stock, TomTom Stock United States Swimmer 1989
Stouder, SharonSharon Stouder United States Swimmer 1972
Streeter, AlisonAlison Streeter United Kingdom Open Water Swimmer 2006
Sundstrom, GusGus Sundstrom United States Pioneer Coach/Contributor 1995
Swendsen, ClydeClyde Swendsen United States Pioneer Diver/Coach/Water Polo Player 1991
Szécsi, ZoltánZoltán Szécsi Hungary Water Polo Player 2015
Székely, ÉvaÉva Székely Hungary Swimmer 1976
Istvan Szivos Jr. Hungary Water Polo Player 1996
Istvan Szivos Sr. Hungary Water Polo Player 1997
Szőke, KatalinKatalin Szőke Hungary Swimmer 1985
Šoljan, Vicko "Vinko"Vicko "Vinko" Šoljan Yugoslavia/Croatia Marathon Swimmer 2007
Šoštar, AleksandarAleksandar Šoštar Yugoslavia/Serbia Water Polo Player 2011
Taft, RayRay Taft United States Masters Swimmer 1996
Taguchi, NobutakaNobutaka Taguchi Japan Swimmer 1987
Takaishi, KatsuoKatsuo Takaishi Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1991
Talbot, DonDon Talbot Australia Coach 1979
Tan, LiangdeTan Liangde China Diver 2000
Tanaka, SatokoSatoko Tanaka Japan Swimmer 1991
Tanner, ElaineElaine Tanner Canada Swimmer 1980
Taris, JeanJean Taris France Swimmer 1984
Tauber, UlrikaUlrika Tauber Germany Swimmer 1988
Taylor, HenryHenry Taylor United Kingdom Swimmer 1969
Taylor, JuneJune Taylor Canada Pioneer Synchronized Swimmer 1991
Taylor-Smith, ShelleyShelley Taylor-Smith Australia Open Water Swimmer 2008
Terada, NoboruNoboru Terada Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1994
Tewksbury, MarkMark Tewksbury Canada Swimmer 2000
Theile, DavidDavid Theile Australia Swimmer 1968
Thevenot, MonfieurMonfieur Thevenot France Pioneer Contributor 1990
Thierry, NickNick Thierry Canada Contributor 2001
Thomas, RalphRalph Thomas United Kingdom Pioneer Contributor 2004
Thompson, JennyJenny Thompson United States Swimmer 2009
Thornton, NortNort Thornton United States Coach 1995
Thumer, PetraPetra Thumer Germany Swimmer 1987
Tinkham, StanStan Tinkham United States Coach 1989
Tobian, GaryGary Tobian United States Diver 1978
Treadway, KennethKenneth Treadway United States Contributor 1983
Troy, MikeMike Troy United States Swimmer 1971
Trudgen, JohnJohn Trudgen United Kingdom Contributor 1974
Trumbić, IvoIvo Trumbić Croatia Water Polo Player/Water Polo Coach 2014
Tsuruta, YoshiyukiYoshiyuki Tsuruta Japan Swimmer 1968
Urbanchek, JonJon Urbanchek United States Coach 2008
Vaitsekhovskaia, ElenaElena Vaitsekhovskaia Soviet Union Diver 1992
Val, LauraLaura Val United States Masters Swimmer 2003
Van Dyken, AmyAmy Van Dyken United States Swimmer 2007
Van Vliet, NelNel Van Vliet Netherlands Swimmer 1973
Vanderburg, HelenHelen Vanderburg Canada Synchronized Swimmer 1985
Vande Weghe, AlAl Vande Weghe United States Swimmer 1990
Vassallo, JesseJesse Vassallo United States Swimmer 1997
Vasin, VladimirVladimir Vasin Soviet Union Diver 1991
Verdeur, JoeJoe Verdeur United States Swimmer 1966
Vilen, KayKay Vilen United States Synchronized Swimming Coach 1978
Vogel, MattMatt Vogel United States Swimmer 1996
Vollmer, HerbertHerbert Vollmer United States Pioneer Swimmer 1990
von Saltza, ChrisChris von Saltza United States Swimmer 1966
Wahle, OttoOtto Wahle Austria/United States Pioneer Swimmer/Contributor 1996
Wainwright, HelenHelen Wainwright United States Swimmer/Diver 1972
Waldo, CarolynCarolyn Waldo Canada Synchronized Swimmer 1994
Wales, RossRoss Wales United States Contributor 2004
Walker, Clara LamoreClara Lamore Walker United States Masters Swimmer 1995
Wallis, C. W.C. W. Wallis Australia Pioneer Contributor 1986
Walz, GottlobGottlob Walz Germany Pioneer Diver 1988
Watson, DebbieDebbie Watson Australia Water Polo Player 2008
Watson, LillianLillian Watson United States Swimmer 1984
Wayne, MarshallMarshall Wayne United States Diver 1981
Wayte, MaryMary Wayte United States Swimmer 2000
Webb, MatthewMatthew Webb United Kingdom Swimmer 1965
Webster, RobertRobert Webster United States Diver 1970
Wehselau, MariechenMariechen Wehselau United States Pioneer Swimmer 1989
Weissmuller, JohnnyJohnny Weissmuller United States Swimmer 1965
Welshons, KimKim Welshons United States Synchronized Swimmer 1988
Wenden, MichaelMichael Wenden Australia Swimmer 1979
White, AlAl White United States Diver 1965
Whitfield, BeverleyBeverley Whitfield Australia Swimmer 1995
Wichman, SharonSharon Wichman United States Swimmer 1991
Wickham, AlickAlick Wickham Solomon Islands Contributor 1974
Wickham, TraceyTracey Wickham Australia Swimmer 1992
Wiggins, Albert M.Albert M. Wiggins United States Swimmer 1994
Wilkie, DavidDavid Wilkie United Kingdom Swimmer 1982
Wilkinson, GeorgeGeorge Wilkinson United Kingdom Water Polo Player 1980
Willemse, HermanHerman Willemse Netherlands Open Water Swimmer 2008
Williams, EstherEsther Williams United States Contributor 1966
Wilson, CraigCraig Wilson United States Water Polo Player 2005
Wilson, WilliamWilliam Wilson United Kingdom Pioneer Contributor 2003
Windle, RobertRobert Windle Australia Swimmer 1990
Woodbridge, MargaretMargaret Woodbridge United States Pioneer Swimmer 1989
Woodhead, CynthiaCynthia Woodhead United States Swimmer 1994
Wrightson, BernieBernie Wrightson United States Diver 1984
Wyland, WendyWendy Wyland United States Diver 2001
Wylie, MinaMina Wylie Australia Swimmer 1975
Xu, YanmeiXu Yanmei China Diver 2000
Xu, YimingXu Yiming China Coach 2003
Yamanaka, TsuyoshiTsuyoshi Yamanaka Japan Swimmer 1983
Yorzyk, WilliamWilliam Yorzyk United States Swimmer 1971
Yusa, MasanoriMasanori Yusa Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1992
Zacharias, GeorgGeorg Zacharias Germany Pioneer Swimmer 2002
Zhou, JihongJihong Zhou China Diver 1994
Zolyomy, Andrés "Bandy"Andrés "Bandy" Zolyomy Hungary/Italy/Spain Water Polo Coach 2010
Zorrilla, AlbertoAlberto Zorrilla Argentina Swimmer 1976
Zubero, Martin LopezMartin Lopez Zubero Spain Swimmer 2004
Zurner, AlbertAlbert Zurner Germany Pioneer Diver 1988

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