Switchblade (album)

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Studio album by Schaft
Released 21 September 1994
Recorded Victor Aoyama Studio, Inning Recording Hostler, Master Rock Studios (UK), Ranch Apocalypse (UK), Matrix Recording Studio (UK), Livingston Studios (UK)
Genre Industrial
Length 77:58
Label Victor Entertainment
Producer Maki Fujii, Hisashi Imai, Raymond Watts
Schaft chronology

Switchblade is a 1994 album by Schaft. A promotional video for the song "Arbor Vitate" was filmed, and was later re-used by PIG for their version of the song.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks arranged by Schaft, except where noted.

No. Title Lyrics Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Olive" Maki Fujii Fujii Fujii 5:04
2. "THE HERO IN side" Hisashi Imai, Raymond Watts Imai, Watts   4:01
3. "Thirsty Fly" Watts Watts   6:27
4. "SKF10047" instrumental Fujii Fujii 7:35
5. "Nothing" Watts Imai, Watts   5:11
6. "Slice" Watts Imai, Watts Imai, Watts 7:50
7. "Broken English" Marianne Faithfull, Barry Reynolds, Joe Mavety, Steve York, Terry Stannard Faithful, Reynolds, Mavety, York, Stannard Fujii, Michiru Ōshima 6:33
8. "Merry Christmas on Mars" instrumental Imai Imai 6:32
9. "inFORMation" Jonny Stephens Fujii, Stephens   4:24
10. "Visual Cortex" Susanne Bramson Fujii, Imai   8:03
11. "Fetid Air" Watts Watts   6:04
12. "Arbor Vitate" Watts Fujii, Watts, CRA¥   4:59
13. "Cold Light" Watts Fujii, Imai, Watts   5:15



  • The song "Broken English" on this album is a Marianne Faithfull cover, and is the music accompanying the original version of the first trailer of Hellsing Ultimate as shown at Anime Expo 2005. The track was later used in the series proper as an insert song for episode 5.