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A Syrian is a citizen of the Syrian Arab Republic. The name is also used for the native inhabitants of the historical regions of Syria, members of Syrian Christian churches and as a synonym for ethnic Assyrians.[1][2]

Syrian may also refer to:



  • Syrian American, resident of the United States of Syrian ancestry or nationality
  • Syrian Brazilian, resident of Brazil of Syrian ancestry or nationality
  • Syrian diaspora, refers to the native Syrian people, living outside of Syria, as either immigrants or refugees
  • Syrian Jews, Jews who inhabit the region of the modern state of Syria, and their descendants born outside Syria
  • Ephrem the Syrian (306–373), Syriac and a prolific Syriac-language hymnographer and theologian of the 4th century. He is venerated by Christians throughout the world, and especially in the Syriac Orthodox Church, as a saint
  • Michael the Syrian (died 1199), Michael the Elder, in opposition to his nephew, was a patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church from 1166 to 1199
  • Rezon the Syrian, the Syrian was an enemy of King Solomon mentioned in 1 Kings
  • Syrian (band), an Italian synthpop band



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